Canadian Museum of Human Rights – Opening Weekend

In the fall of 2012, Technology Services Group flew up to Winnipeg, Manitoba with Alfresco to understand CMHR’s vision for their museum.  More than a decade in the making, and still under construction, we were able see the vision for the numerous digitally driven exhibits being designed and built, the need for an API to interface with all of the exhibits, how digital assets which would be licensed and owned, and how a core repository would be required to centralize all of these assets.  The most amazing part of the trip was getting a tour of the 350 million dollar museum.  While only partially built at the time, the museum already had the incredible alabaster walkways in place, the window enclosures were being sealed, and you could already start to envision how amazing the Garden of Contemplation and Tower of Hope would be once completed.


Almost two years later, the museum will be opening this weekend. TSG is honored to have been a part of the process, in assisting CMHR in building a core content repository on Alfresco, interfacing with their collection systems, and building a central platform providing content to all of the museum exhibits and the online collection.  CMHR has integrated various TSG solutions to help make this possible, including HPI as the primary interface to bulk import, index, and search all of the incoming digital assets. TSG’s OpenMigrate solution is also used to ingest content from various collection systems into a single repository and drive a publishing process to the external facing web site.

Thank you again for letting TSG and Alfresco be a part of what will be one of the most technologically innovative and thought-provoking museums in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Canadian Museum of Human Rights – Opening Weekend

  1. Great job TSG team. This is an awesome example of what you guys do and I love telling this story to people.

  2. Congratulations, TSG Team! A great partnership with Alfresco and delivery of an amazing and useful system. Any chance that the Canadian Museum of Human Rights will also be using the repository to share media on the internet? If so, what’s the URL?

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