Alfresco for Life Sciences – Response to Client Questions

TSG recently responded to a client’s questions regarding  using Alfresco versus Documentum or other solutions for Life Sciences.  The questions were the next step after a demonstration of Alfresco and TSG solutions for controlled documents.  The demonstrations are available in the learning zone.

Change Request

Document Control

This post will share those questions and responses while preserving the client’s confidentially.

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Alfresco Partner Spotlight on TSG – Integration

Today, Alfresco published an interview with TSG on the work we’ve done with the Alfresco Connector for Salesforce.  Given our expertise with both the Alfresco and platforms, developing the integration has been a great intersection of both TSG practices.

We’ll be presenting an overview of the integration at Alfresco DevCon in San Jose next month, as well as launch a series of blog articles in the coming weeks on how users will be able to best leverage the integration, and supporting solutions TSG will be able to provide.  Stay tuned! Dreamforce Conclusion

The Dreamforce convention is winding so we thought we would share our thoughts on what we observed and heard over the past week.

As always, the convention offered a lot of fanfare and excitement mixed with tons of useful knowledge from the over 800 sessions. For the most part we are convinced that the Social Enterprise is gaining a significant amount of traction, and more and more companies are looking for ways to move their legacy systems from on-premise to the cloud. continues to invest significantly in developing their Platform and being the industry leader with Cloud systems.

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As part of our recent TSG Hack Day, a couple employees set out to prove out how Salesforce could leverage a separate content management system to act as a file store for Salesforce content that had already been through an approval workflow (and therefore was essentially read only to the users). Since Alfresco is an open source CMS, and TSG has had success deploying it in the cloud, it was a natural choice to complement Salesforce.