TSG will be on the GKC ARMA Panel January 8th – Emerging ECM Trends

The Greater Kansas City ARMA chapter is hosting a panel event on January 8th in Leawood, Kansas.  Panelists include Christine Adcock from TSG, Denise Pickett  from Black & Veatch who is also a member of the ARMA Board of Directors, and Karen Shaw a Senior Records Analyst from the National Archives and Records Administration. We will be answering questions on the topics of information governance, defining the value of Enterprise Content Management, available and trending ECM technologies, and where we see ECM in two to four years. This is an excellent way to kick off 2014 and we hope to see you at the event. Please RSVP for the event here.

Documentum to Alfresco Migration – Why Now?

In 2012, we have seen an increased number of clients either migrating or evaluating a migration from Documentum to Alfresco.  With significant changes in the last two years, we have decided to refresh our postings from 2010  as well as a client interview in 2011 where we presented detail on some of the justification to move from Documentum to Alfresco.  This post will present some of the overall reasons why clients are considering moving from Documentum to Alfresco. Continue reading

Documentum Maintenance – 21% and rising….

We received an interesting email from a client last week asking us about Documentum maintenance.  While we have posted articles on smart ways to manage Documentum maintenance contracts, we were somewhat surprised that the inquiry was in response to a maintenance bill, that without any explanation, increased maintenance to 21% from the usual 18%.  The client mentioned that all NEW licenses required a non-negotiable 23% maintenance because “the product is so critical in customer’s environments and this level gives 24 x 7 support”.  For 27%, the client will get a named resource assigned to the account.  This post will discuss our thoughts and present some best practices on how to best manage Documentum maintenance contracts. Continue reading

Documentum – Replacing External SharePoint Sites with a Simple Cached Approach

Many clients struggle with providing Documentum access to external users.  Often times, access to “full featured” interfaces like D2 or Webtop can overwhelm simple retrieval of limited content.  This post will discuss a simple solution developed for one of our clients.

Continue reading

New OpenMigrate Tutorials Available in TSG Learning Zone

TSG’s open source migration framework, OpenMigrate, offers extensive configuration and customization features.  However, with this flexibility comes some complexity.  OpenMigrate’s distribution includes nearly 20 sample migration projects, intended to get folks up and running quickly.  But sometimes even getting the environment configured properly can be a nuisance.

To address this issue, we’ve created several new tutorial walk-throughs in the TSG Learning Zone.  Each takes the user through the process of installing OpenMigrate, modifying the necessary batch and configuration files, and executing a sample migration.  We’ve include both Documentum and SharePoint samples.

Are you having trouble getting started with OpenMigrate?  Let us know in the comments, or via email at openmigrate@tsgrp.com.