Documentum or Alfresco – Controlled Documents Application – Post Approval Property Updates

One requirement we are seeing more often for regulated clients is the requirement to update certain properties after a document has been formally approved with electronic signature. Typically, clients consider the document and properties to be one approved entity and would require a property change to go through a complete version and approval cycle. Our clients often need the ability to update a subset of these properties. For example, a document is approved and set to become Effective in 2 weeks, but delivery from a supplier is delayed, so the implementation of the SOP must be delayed another week.  Re-versioning or re-approval should not be required to make this update to the Effective Date property.  This post will discuss options on how to properly build a compliant system that allows for post-approval property updates.

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Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2014 Recap – Some bunts, hits as well as some swings

In talking about our overall thoughts of EMC World and Momentum 2014, I thought I would resurrect our baseball analogy from where we felt Documentum was too often swinging for the fences with grandiose product plans and relationships that were turning into more strikeouts than runs.  As we mentioned in 2013, we were impressed with the new focus on more practical product development plan and roadmaps that were being accomplished.

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Documentum – EMC World 2013 – Day 1 – Life Sciences D2 Solutions

This blog post will summarize Documentum’s D2 solutions for the life sciences industry. There was one presentation at 11:30 covering the currently released solutions and one at 2:30 covering the solutions that are upcoming.

Tuesday @ 11:30 – Life Sciences: Compliance, Productivity and Secure Collaboration

Tuesday @ 2:30 – Life Sciences: What’s New & Next – EMC Documentum Life Sciences Solution Suite Roadmap

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Documentum to Alfresco Migration – TSG Compliance Solution for Regulated Industries

Last week we posted about solutions  and how Documentum and Alfresco are focused on providing solutions in different ways.  One major solution we see both Alfresco and Documentum targeting is Document Control/Compliance for life sciences, nuclear utilities and other regulated industries.  Typically control requirements affect the creation and changing of SOPs, Policies, Procedures, Test Methods, Submission Documents, Engineering Drawings, Specifications, Calculations, Design Documents, Promotional and other types of documents. This post will compare and contrast TSG’s Compliance Solution for regulated industries that supports both Documentum and Alfresco with typical Documentum solutions including DCM and D2. Continue reading

Documentum – EMC World/Momentum 2012 – TSG Recap

Thanks to all subscribers for making this one of our most successful weeks with the blog.  We always get lots of feedback that our take on announcements and learning sessions at EMC World/Momentum is our most popular topic.  Also, it was great making new friends face to face who opened with “I really like your blog!!!”  This post will try to wrap-up and summarize all the other postings, as well as express the TSG opinion on the event. Continue reading