Hadoop Document Transformations Using Adlib

In our series exploring the use of Hadoop for ECM, the best practice from our years of ECM experience tells us is that documents should be stored in both their native content as well as a PDF rendition of the content. Storing a PDF rendition allows consumers quick access to view the content, as well as being able to watermark and control the content to prevent consumers from altering the documents. This post will explore TSG’s partnership with Adlib and how we are using Adlib’s PDF conversion suite to transform documents being stored in Hadoop.

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Ephesoft Partnership

Technology Services Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Ephesoft, maker of SmartCapture, an industry leader specializing in extracting critical information from physical and electronic documents.  From scanned forms to faxes to PDFs, emails and attachement, Ephesoft provides the capabilities to tag, process, organize, and add properties to documents through a highly configurable batch processing system.  TSG is adding Ephesoft as another alternative and component in an overall ECM approach with Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Web-based Scanning in HPI

Forget scanning to your desktop or file server, HPI has a new integration with Dynamsoft’s Image Capture Suite and OCR products. Now you can scan single documents directly into your Alfresco or Documentum repository. This capability moves the point of document capture closer to the point of document creation and entry into a business process. Letters, signed documents, and supporting paper documents can now be captured much faster and easier.

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Upcoming Alfresco Lunch and Learns in Midwest

Next month TSG will once again be hosting Alfresco Lunch and Learns in the Midwest.  We’ll discuss how Alfresco can be integrated with everyday desktop applications and approaches for taking paper content and making them electronic.

Kansas City, MO – May 11th
Bristol Seafood Grill
51 East 14th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

Chicago, IL – May 12th
Technology Services Group
22 W Washington 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Minneapolis, MN – May 17th
Rock Bottom Brewery
800 LaSalle Plaza
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Click HERE to register.  Hope you can make it!

Documentum Scanning – Top Tips

Tied to last week’s post in regards to alternatives to InputAccel/Captiva, this week’s post will discuss some of the top tips in regards to scanning in Documentum.  As mentioned in the previous article, these points related to scanning in general and not just Input Accel/Captiva.  For our Alfresco and SharePoint readers, all of the below tips are just as relevant.  We are happy to have Millennia, our outsource scanning partner, co-write this article with TSG.

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