OpenCapture Wins Dynamsoft’s SDK Innovation Contest


Just a quick announcement – Dynamsoft announced today that OpenCapture has won the Grand Prize in their SDK Innovation contest!  @Dynamsoft tweeted:

We’re thrilled to win this award!  OpenCapture is the desktop scanning module within HPI that makes it easy for users to scan paper documents into an ECM repository.  Check out the demo video embedded above or in the TSG Learning Zone and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


TSG Learning Zone Updated with HPI 2.1 Demos!

We have updated the TSG Learning Zone with videos showing off the latest HPI 2.1 release.  Click here to access the Learning Zone.  Be sure to view the following short (1-3 minute) videos to see the major functionality the HPI provides.  See the list below for links to the individual demos, as well as a 1 hour recording of the Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 webinar:

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Alfresco 2013 Summit – Recap

TSG attended the Alfresco Summit on November 12-15 as a Silver Sponsor.  This event was formerly known as Alfresco DevCon but has evolved to focus on not just development, but also the experience for end users as well as solutions built on Alfresco. This post will present some of our thoughts on the conference and other Alfresco announcements. Continue reading

InputAccel and Kofax Alternative – Ephesoft Open Source Document Scanning

We have recently been evaluating the document capture capabilities available through the Ephesoft ( document capture platform.  Typically clients have been tied into the suite approach from a vendor where the vendor already owns a scanning solution or the solution is bundled with the ECM purchase.  For those clients looking for alternatives, we would recommend looking at open source products.  For Desktop scanning, we have had luck with our OpenCapture solution.  For this post, we will look more at batch and bulk mode scanning and compare Ephesoft to InputAccel/Kofax.

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Alfresco Consulting – Documentum Disruptor #2

We posted an article last week on how Alfresco and SharePoint were Disrupting Documentum.  The term disruptor is from the Innovators Dilemma business book and it relates to how difficult it is for one company to continue technology innovation over time and newcomers disrupt the industry.  In a phone discussion with one of the responders, we discussed how consulting resources (like ourselves) are assisting in that cycle. This post will discuss how TSG and others Alfresco consulting firms are accelerating the disruption of established ECM tools like FileNet or Documentum.

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Documentum Scanning – Top Tips

Tied to last week’s post in regards to alternatives to InputAccel/Captiva, this week’s post will discuss some of the top tips in regards to scanning in Documentum.  As mentioned in the previous article, these points related to scanning in general and not just Input Accel/Captiva.  For our Alfresco and SharePoint readers, all of the below tips are just as relevant.  We are happy to have Millennia, our outsource scanning partner, co-write this article with TSG.

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Documentum Scanning – Trying TWAIN and other approaches

As we have talked about in other posts, sometimes Documentum users can get stuck in a word association game in regards to adding capabilities to Documentum.  Going off the Documentum product pricing sheet revels some common responses:

  • Workflow -> BPM
  • Migration -> Buldoser
  • PDF Overlays -> PDF Aqua or new PDF Stamping Services
  • Annotation -> Brava/PDF Annotation Services
  • Scanning -> Captiva/InputAccel

Documentum users looking to maximize their Documentum investment should be aware of common alternatives not on the price list – free/cheap alternatives include

  • Workflow -> Documentum Workflow or JBPM (free)
  • Migration -> OpenMigrate (Open Source so free))
  • PDF Overlays -> iText or TSG’s iText wrapper – OpenOverlay (Open Source also free)
  • Annotation -> Workflow Notes (items added in workflow), TSG OpenAnnotate (both also free)
  • Scanning -> TWAIN drivers (cheap)

For this post, I will go into additional detail on scanning and adding a TWAIN driver.

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Open Source Scanning For Documentum and Alfresco – Introducing OpenCapture

Over the years, TSG has worked with many different clients on projects that utilize a scanning tool to ingest content into a repository.  While products like InputAccel and Kofax are great, especially when dealing with centralized, large volume or bulk scanning models,  many clients desire a more quick and seamless approach that utilizes the web and cost-effective scanners for decentralized scanning environments.

TSG is proud to announce our first open source scanning solution for both Documentum and Alfresco – OpenCapture!

OpenCapture is a configurable web-based application that allows users to easily scan and upload documents directly into a content repository.  A simple interface provides intuitive user controls for scanning documents, performing image manipulations such as rotations and crops, and setting metadata.   Available metadata fields for document indexing can be configured based on the document type.

OpenCapture can be directly launched from Documentum Webtop and Alfresco Share.  The system detects the user’s current folder location and automatically uploads content to this location.  Once the scanning process is complete, the user can return right back to the view from which OpenCapture was initially launched.

OpenCapture uses the Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX control to interface with the scanner hardware.  This allows users to control the scanner and manipulate images all without using separate scanner software.  The ActiveX control also removes the need to have the user upload scanned content to the application server before indexing to the Documentum or Alfresco repository.  The result is a seamless solution that takes the user from scanning and image manipulation to indexing to the central repository in one web-based interface.

To see demos of scanning documents for both Documentum and Alfresco, check out OpenCapture in the TSG Learning Zone!