Next Generation ECMS – Architecture Thoughts

We responded this week to a Documentum Pharma customer that, like many of our legacy ECM customers, is looking at what could be next for ECM and is particularly focused on systems architecture.  In prepping for the response, we thought it would make a good post to share with other readers and would tie well in regards to follow-up for both our 2015 ECM predictions as well as our current series on Hadoop.

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OpenContentURL 1.0 Product Release

OpenContentURL is now available for download from the TSG Downloads page.  

OpenContentURL makes it easy for end-users to generate dynamic permanent links to documents that are stored in a content management system or portal. It reduces or eliminates the problem with out of date links to documents in web site, training material, and references throughout an organization. You can read more about how one of our client’s is using it here. Continue reading

Documentum or Alfresco – Linking to a Document using OpenContentURL

One of the common requests from clients is the ability to create direct URL links to a document in a content management platform from a variety of other tools.  A recent client was maintaining links in SharePoint to Documentum via a proprietary Documentum tool based on Webtop.  This post will discuss our eventual solution and how this led to the creation of our OpenContentURL Open Source product for Documentum, Alfresco or a variety of other content management repositories.

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