Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Overall ECD Product Vision and Roadmap – Ahson Ahmad and Mark Arbour

Earlier this week, we wrote about the Documentum Platform Roadmap.   We, along with many other attendees, mistook the first day’s session as the overall roadmap rather than just the Documentum Platform.  This post will describe the overall Roadmap and present our thoughts.

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Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Rohit Ghai President EMC Enterprise Content Division – What’s Next

The Keynote is always the real beginning of the Momentum conference.  Rohit Ghai is the new leader of the renamed Enterprise Content Division (formerly Information Intelligence Group) that includes Documentum.  This post will share our thoughts about the keynote.

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Documentum Content Server 6.7 – Primary Support Ending April 30, 2015 – What should clients do?

At EMC World 2014, Rick Devenuti shared 13 minutes into his keynote  that only 25% of Documentum customers had upgraded to the Content Server 7.x after over 18 months of 7.x being available.  While Rick spun this news to the positive, we had been posting since 2013 that many of our clients were hesitant to upgrade despite at Documentum 6 to Documentum 7 was nothing like the upgrade clients experienced for previous releases.

While Rick Devenuti has recently left IIG (now ECD), for the clients that are still on Documentum Content Server 6.7 (still significantly more than 50%), this post will present our recommendations regarding extended support, content server upgrade as well as other upgrade issues.

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Enterprise Content Management Predictions – 2015

This post will give some thoughts in regards to the futures of ECM and what we would expect in 2015.  In looking back, we neglected to do a predictions last year.  See our post detailing our 2013 predictions for Documentum.  This post will compare our thoughts and predictions in the past for the previous two years as well as give our thoughts for the upcoming year. Continue reading

Documentum 8 – Why and When, thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap

As readers might remember, in our recap of EMC World 2014 back in May, we thought one significant non-announcement was that there was no Documentum 8 on the roadmap.  In briefing our clients over the past 6 months, we thought we would share some of our thoughts on Documentum 8 and thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap. Continue reading

Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2014 Recap – Some bunts, hits as well as some swings

In talking about our overall thoughts of EMC World and Momentum 2014, I thought I would resurrect our baseball analogy from where we felt Documentum was too often swinging for the fences with grandiose product plans and relationships that were turning into more strikeouts than runs.  As we mentioned in 2013, we were impressed with the new focus on more practical product development plan and roadmaps that were being accomplished.

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Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2014 – InfoArchive, aPaaS, xDB and thoughts on the “third platform”

Significant announcements tied to Rick’s Keynote seem to be around the new product – InfoArchive, as well as the future direction aPaaS, application platform as a service.  For this post, we will try to summarize a variety of different sessions on InfoArchive as well as aPaaS and give our thoughts for impact to the current Documentum user base. Continue reading