Documentum – EMC World 2015 – What’s New, What’s Next: Documentum Platform Roadmap – Patrick Walsh

One of the most heavily attended sessions is always the roadmap presentations.  It is a packed room (could have used a bigger room – probably 120 folks with 30 standing) right after lunch and before Rohit’s keynote.  This post will present our quick review of the roadmap with some thoughts on how it compares to previous roadmap discussions.

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Documentum Upgrade – Replacing the PIA (Primary Interop Assembly) with OpenSearch

Last week we updated a client’s .NET application to replace Documentum’s defunct PIA (Primary Interop Assembly) API with calls to OpenSearch through HPI. This client’s HPI instance is an offline content viewer portal that utilizes Solr for searching and serving documents.  The .NET code change was minimal, simply replacing the PIA calls with OpenSearch calls effectively changing the source of where the application gets its documents from Documentum to Solr. Decoupling the .NET application from the proprietary Documentum API provides greater flexibility in designing, developing, and deploying web applications as well as removing Documentum licensing. After the change to call Opensearch, the application is now shielded from any future upgrades or changes within the Documentum API.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Mobile Camera App for Case Management

Currently many clients import photos into their case management systems by transferring digital images via a USB connection to a computer and then uploading them through a traditional content management client application.  This post will discuss how to enable clients to leverage smartphones for a better experience. Continue reading

Day 1 – EMC World 2011 – Afternoon Sessions – Architecture and Product Roadmap

Attended three good sessions this afternoon.  First one was EMC Documentum Architecture Overview – Part 1 by Jeroen van Rotterdam, Second was Rick Devenuti Keynote – last presentation was John McCormick “What’s Next” Product Roadmap.  This post will try to summarize the three presentations with some thoughts on the overall product direction. Continue reading