BPM/Workflow – Why “I want the user to define the form and workflow” doesn’t always work

We had a call last week with a client evaluating form and workflow as part of an overall BPM effort.  In evaluating solutions, often we will see technical resources push for a solution “that allows the users to build their own forms and workflow without any IT involvement”.  This post will discuss the issues of user constructed workflows as well as share best practices. Continue reading

Documentum or Alfresco – TSG Contract Management Solution

TSG is pleased to announce our contract management solution for Documentum or Alfresco.  Leveraging portions of HPI for Case Management and Active Wizard for Dynamic Form and Workflow, the solution also combines best of breed integration with leading vendors like HotDocs, WorkShare Compare and DocuSign.  This post will discuss the issues as well as how the solution was created.

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Alfresco or Documentum Collaborative Document Reviews with OpenAnnotate

Whenever we give a demo of OpenAnnotate, clients always ask, “What happens when multiple users need to review a document at the same time?” OpenAnnotate has always supported having multiple users annotating a document at the same time, but a recent client has added functionality which broadcasts “live” the annotations and comments that users are making.  This makes the review process in OpenAnnotate more collaborative. This post will outline some things to look for when evaluating your options for annotating/reviewing documents in your ECM repository.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Engineering Document Transmittals

Controlling the formal release of project, sales, and engineering documents to customers and clients is often done with transmittal letters. The transmittal serves as a record describing the sender, the recipient, and any special instructions or information related to the included documents. Before the controlled release of a transmittal, the letter and included documents are reviewed and approved by an authority before being sent via email, FTP server, or posted to an extranet or cloud-based system. The need for controlling the review, and recording the approval of the transmittal fits well with Active Wizard’s controlled document solution paradigm. This article will focus on using Active Wizard’s document review and approval workflow to semi-automate the creation of a transmittal letter and distribute it via the cloud. Continue reading

Alfresco and Box – An Integrated Approach for Collaboration and Approval

TSG just finished a successful proof of concept for a life science company that, like many companies, uses Box for collaboration (among other tools) but wanted to add more traditional ECM capabilities like workflow approval and electronic signatures.  Alfresco, combined with TSG add-on products, provides robust workflow review and approval.  This post will discuss the proof of concept and  results.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Simple Workflow in HPI

As discussed in previous posts related to our Active Wizard product here, here, and here, TSG has always preferred a form-driven dynamic workflow for document review and approval.  This is especially true for our regulated clients (ex: Pharma, Energy) that utilize TSG’s Compliance Solution.  However, we’re seeing more and more clients outside our regulated industries that want to enable workflow using a template approach without needing a form to drive the workflow process.  For these clients, TSG is happy to announce the Simple Workflow module in HPI.

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Documentum and Alfresco BPM – Activiti and Active Wizard 5.0

As you may know, the latest generation Active Wizard codebase utilizes the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) Platform to provide dynamic workflow for Active Wizard forms and controlled documents.  We started down the path of using Activiti in 2012 when we ported the Active Wizard to Alfresco.  You can read more about our initial thoughts of using Activiti for Active Wizard in this post from November 2012.  For this post, we thought we’d update our readers on the 2013 developments of Activiti with Active Wizard 5.0 as well as our future plans.

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Documentum to Alfresco Migration – TSG Compliance Solution for Regulated Industries

Last week we posted about solutions  and how Documentum and Alfresco are focused on providing solutions in different ways.  One major solution we see both Alfresco and Documentum targeting is Document Control/Compliance for life sciences, nuclear utilities and other regulated industries.  Typically control requirements affect the creation and changing of SOPs, Policies, Procedures, Test Methods, Submission Documents, Engineering Drawings, Specifications, Calculations, Design Documents, Promotional and other types of documents. This post will compare and contrast TSG’s Compliance Solution for regulated industries that supports both Documentum and Alfresco with typical Documentum solutions including DCM and D2. Continue reading

Alfresco for Life Sciences – Response to Client Questions

TSG recently responded to a client’s questions regarding  using Alfresco versus Documentum or other solutions for Life Sciences.  The questions were the next step after a demonstration of Alfresco and TSG solutions for controlled documents.  The demonstrations are available in the learning zone.

Change Request

Document Control

This post will share those questions and responses while preserving the client’s confidentially.

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Activiti BPM Engine – Active Wizard 5.0

As mentioned in our previous post about managing controlled documents in Alfresco, Active Wizard 5.0 utilizes the Activiti BPM platform for dynamic workflow processes.  If you’re curious about how dynamic workflow works in the Active Wizard, check out this post from earlier this year, which we wrote after we had posted our initial thoughts about Activiti.  In this post, we will review how Dynamic workflow has worked in the Active Wizard in the past, and contrast that to how we’re using Activiti in Active Wizard 5.0.

If you’re interested in a live demo of Active Wizard 5.0, check out the following screencams in the TSG Learning Zone:

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