TSG Attending 2016 Document Strategy Forum – May 10th-12th


Be sure to stop by our booth (#516) during the 2016 Document Strategy Forum at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. We will be on hand to give live product demos of all our solutions and to discuss the current state of the industry. Looking forward to catching up with the entire ECM community. Tweet us at @tsgrp and let us know if we can expect to see you!

Look for our review of the conference next week.

Documentum after the EMC fire sale – it’s all about the brand

With the recent announcement by Bloomberg about EMC shopping Documentum as well as EMC World/Momentum just two weeks away, many clients have been asking us about our thoughts on the impending sale of Documentum.  Unlike the original purchase of Documentum by EMC in 2003, this sale is more of a fire sale as Dell/EMC are looking to sell off non-core assets for cash to reduce the massive amount of debt required for the EMC purchase.  This post will address:

  • Our thoughts on the current state of Documentum including revenues, technology, and value of the Brand
  • Which companies may buy Documentum
  • Our thoughts on what it means to current Documentum customers.

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Alfresco Multi-Tenancy and HPI

This week we had a new client into the office to brainstorm on ways the client could leverage HPI as part of their cloud based content management offering. In addition to the infrastructure and interface discussions, the conversations also involved lots of joint partnership opportunities around selective case studies. This post will share some of our findings for the week with our strategy moving forward.

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Hadoop well documented – Adding ECM attributes “on the fly”

Hadoop,  a leading technology disruptor from the Big Data movement, is a massively scalable architecture capable of dealing with terabytes+ of unstructured data. As the cost of storage, memory and CPU continues to move toward almost free, we are seeing the clients looking to move away from traditional legacy ECM tools for the newer architecture and cost savings by managing their documents with Hadoop.  On major advantage of Hadoop versus traditional vendors is the ability to add attributes “on the fly”.  This post is will describe an ECM content model for Hadoop and walk through the process of add and remove attributes “on the fly” based on our experience from Hadoop ECM clients.

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ECM Disruptors – Open Source, The Cloud, Software as a Service and Big Data – What are clients doing?

When it comes to new technology, one Accenture partner once shared an interesting analogy comparing new technology to teenager vices.  Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, and those that are doing it aren’t doing it very well.   For this post, we will discuss TSG’s ECM clients, The Cloud, Software as a Services (SaaS) and Big Data to shed some light on what our clients are talking about, what they’re actually do doing, and with our thoughts for readers to consider.

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ECM Implementations – Why do some fail?

Recently we have been in touch with three large clients that are engaging with TSG after having failed with implementations of either a new ECM vendor or new product from their existing ECM vendor.  While we are often brought in to clean up ECM implementations, we don’t often see projects where vendors and their tools were abandoned after considerable effort.  This post will discuss some of the commonalities we found between these clients and their implementations as well as thoughts from other client situations.  For client confidentially, we won’t be talking about the specific product or client.

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