TSG & NYPIUA – A Modern ECM Insurance Solution

“A Promise Delivered”

New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association (NYPIUA) shares their success story replacing their legacy mainframe ECM with the help of Technology Services Group. Built on TSG’s HPI interface and backed by the power of Alfresco, NYPIUA’s new ECM is built on modern technology, easily extensible, and easy to integrate with other systems.

See how NYPIUA uses TSG’s HPI, OpenMigrate, and OpenAnnotate for their daily policy and claim management, enabling them to keep their promise to their insureds in the video below. Stay tuned for the full case study summary coming this week!

To learn more about TSG’s work in the insurance industry, visit our Policy and Claim Management Solution for Insurance page.

One thought on “TSG & NYPIUA – A Modern ECM Insurance Solution

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I like that in the video they mentioned serving customers as people. It may seem like a given, but I’ve found that you find greater value in your own work when you realize what it means to the people it benefits. Finding a system that works best for your employees can bring value to the organization that goes all the way down to the customers you are able to serve better.

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