TSG Announces Creation of Hadoop Practice

Open Source Hadoop becoming increasing popular for ECM customers

Chicago, IL. – February 4, 2015 Technology Services Group, Inc. (TSG), an open-source enterprise content management (ECM) solution provider, today announced the creation of a new practice area specifically focused on Hadoop and related technologies.

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TSG Learning Zone Updated with HPI 2.1 Demos!

We have updated the TSG Learning Zone with videos showing off the latest HPI 2.1 release.  Click here to access the Learning Zone.  Be sure to view the following short (1-3 minute) videos to see the major functionality the HPI provides.  See the list below for links to the individual demos, as well as a 1 hour recording of the Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 webinar:

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Alfresco 2013 Summit – Recap

TSG attended the Alfresco Summit on November 12-15 as a Silver Sponsor.  This event was formerly known as Alfresco DevCon but has evolved to focus on not just development, but also the experience for end users as well as solutions built on Alfresco. This post will present some of our thoughts on the conference and other Alfresco announcements. Continue reading

Documentum – EMC World/Momentum 2013 – TSG Recap

Thanks to all of you that again made our Momentum EMC World our most successful posting days.   This year was an interesting time.  It really made our day to get feedback that many of you look forward to the summaries as well as how the blogs throughout the year have helped with Documentum-related decisions throughout the year.  This post will try to wrap-up and summarize all the other postings, as well as express TSG’s opinion on the event.
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Documentum and Alfresco Solutions – Compliance Solution for Regulated Industries – Demo Series

TSG has always tried to a follow a “try it before you buy it” mantra with our products and our branded solutions.

While the most active area of our website has always been our Learning Zone screencams of demos, we received feedback that being able to present the demonstrations in more of a story format would make sense for our solutions.

If you have a moment, please take a look at our Compliance Solution for Regulated Industries – Demo Series and give us your thoughts on our first release.

Documentum Upgrades – Handling eSignatures in Documentum 6.6+

Starting in Documentum Content Server 6.6, using the eSignature mechanism uses iText rather than PDF Fusion to create the electronic signature page. Documentum made this move to iText in order to be able to support creating eSignatures when the content server was running on a Unix/Linux environment, which was previously unsupported. Using the eSignature mechanism still requires a TCS (Trusted Content Services) license from EMC.

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Documentum to Alfresco Migration – TSG Compliance Solution for Regulated Industries

Last week we posted about solutions  and how Documentum and Alfresco are focused on providing solutions in different ways.  One major solution we see both Alfresco and Documentum targeting is Document Control/Compliance for life sciences, nuclear utilities and other regulated industries.  Typically control requirements affect the creation and changing of SOPs, Policies, Procedures, Test Methods, Submission Documents, Engineering Drawings, Specifications, Calculations, Design Documents, Promotional and other types of documents. This post will compare and contrast TSG’s Compliance Solution for regulated industries that supports both Documentum and Alfresco with typical Documentum solutions including DCM and D2. Continue reading

Implementing a Controlled Documentation and Change Control Solution on Alfresco

TSG has been implementing Controlled Documentation systems since the inception of Document Management in the 1990’s. While the solution is tried and true, so many companies still struggle with how to manage their controlled documentation efficiently.  Our most recent implementation focuses on implementing the solution on the Alfresco platform for a fraction of the typical costs.

If you missed the session, recording now available here.

You can learn more by attending a webinar TSG is co-hosting with Alfresco.

Date: January 31st, 1:00 pm Eastern Time (Session has been conducted)

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