HPI Search Compared to Webtop and D2

This blog is the first post in a series that will consist of multiple short posts that touch on a number of differences between TSG’s HPI solution and the Webtop and D2 interfaces.  For the first post, we will discuss searching for content. Users of ECM systems are often willing to put up with some of the more complex functionality (i.e. checkin, checkout, workflows), if they can quickly and accurately locate content.  However, if users are unable to easily perform this basic function, you can be sure that they will be quick to loudly voice their concerns and find ways around using the ECM application.

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Parexel to Buy Documentum from EMC – Rumor Mill

One of our clients attending the Regulatory Information Management Conference heard that Parexel is looking to buy Documentum.  This comes after the announcement that EMC is looking to sell it prior to the Dell merger.  While it is a rumor at this point so not going into a long post – Parexel is a major player in life sciences drug development services business.  Quick take:

  • Would be a plus for Life Sciences companies looking for more from their existing Documentum as well as the life sciences practice/products/services of Documentum.
  • Would be a minus for all other industries – (financial, utilities, retail…..) that Parexel isn’t interested in.

It is just a rumor so nothing more – add your thoughts below.

Beyond Excited for Momentum 2016? EMC World Vegas

Next week TSG will attend our 20th Momentum/Documentum conference #MMTM16.  With the news that EMC is looking to sell off Documentum, this promises to be one of the most different/interesting conferences.  If you are attending, drop us a line at inquiry@tsgrp.com and we can connect in the lounge as we are always looking for thoughts on the blog.

In looking over the Enterprise Content Division YouTube channel for preparation, we stumbled on this “beyond excited” campaign.  To help the channel get some more clicks, we thought we would post the videos here with some quick snarky thoughts.

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Workshare Compare for More Efficient Review and Approval of Document Changes

We have recently been working with multiple clients that have streamlined their review and approval process to increase throughput and decrease turnaround time.  One key process improvement is allowing for quick and simple annotations during the review cycle.  TSG’s OpenAnnotate provides for quick, browser based annotations and now includes Workshare Compare integration as well.  This post will present how OpenAnnotate combined with Workshare Compare can be used to further streamline the process of reviewing and annotating a document.

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Office 365 – Check-in and Check-out with Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop

One of the major issues for authors with Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop has always been checking in a document from a browser based interface.  We have recently completed adding Office 365 integration to our High Performance Interface (HPI)  to allow clients to checkin and checkout without requiring Office on their device.  This post will share the approach as well as present a video of the capabilities.

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