Documentum – Upgrading to Documentum 7 in Three Weeks

Many of our clients have end of year deadlines for projects. One of our newest clients contacted us with an unprecedented challenge – could we upgrade them from 32-bit Documentum 6.5 SP1 to 64-bit Documentum 7.0 Patch 12 by early December given availability of certain funds.  This post will present the project and some best practices in regards to the upgrade.  Continue reading

Supersized Documentum Migrations and Upgrades Two Billion Documents and Counting

Two weeks ago we completed several of the largest Documentum migrations and upgrades we’ve ever seen. With short outage windows, we helped plan and support our client’s migration of their Documentum systems from a data center in the southeast US to the Rockies while simultaneously upgrading the repositories from Documentum 6.5 to 6.7 SPx. Altogether the repositories contained over 2 billion documents,  several TB of file server and multiple Centera devices; as well as over 425,000 ActiveWizard forms!

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Documentum Upgrades – Handling eSignatures in Documentum 6.6+

Starting in Documentum Content Server 6.6, using the eSignature mechanism uses iText rather than PDF Fusion to create the electronic signature page. Documentum made this move to iText in order to be able to support creating eSignatures when the content server was running on a Unix/Linux environment, which was previously unsupported. Using the eSignature mechanism still requires a TCS (Trusted Content Services) license from EMC.

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Documentum Upgrade to 6.7 – a simple approach

Back in July, we wrote a lessons learned post regarding upgrading from Documentum 6.5 to Documentum 6.7.   We have a client that recently completed, by himself, a Documentum upgrade from 6.5 SP3 to 6.7 SP1.  While TSG often assists clients in the Documentum upgrade process, some clients are very capable of performing upgrades on their own if they chose a simple approach.  This post will share some of the client’s thoughts on the upgrade and how the combination of TSG products as well as good knowledge of his environment made the upgrade relatively painless.   The only issue the client had was due to some bad documentation in regards to the xPlore upgrade that will be shared as well.
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Documentum 6.5 to 6.7 Upgrade Lessons Learned

TSG  recently assisted a client with upgrading their Documentum 6.5 environment to 6.7. Products included Content Server, xPlore, Business Process Manager (BPM), Content Transformation Services (ADTS, AVTS, MTS), DA, Webtop, Records Manager, Retention Policy Services (RPS), Archive Services for Reports (ASR), and TaskSpace. The client also runs TSG’s High Performance Interface (HPI) and OpenContent products. Continue reading

Documentum, Mobile and IMAP – A standard and open source approach for email archiving and mobile access

TSG has started initial research and development on an alternative approach for email archiving and mobile access with Documentum, based on a client project that utilized Alfresco IMAP.  In prepping for our client briefing next week, we thought we would share our initial thoughts on an IMAP and Documentum approach. Continue reading

Documentum 6.7 Upgrades and Hardware Changes

With Documentum 6.5 SP3 going out of support this year (August 31, 2012), we’re running several Documentum upgrade projects for clients this quarter. Unlike in the past where upgrades promised fantastic new functionality, this round of upgrades is trending more towards maintaining supported configurations and upgrading to new hardware. In addition, rather than simply upgrading the OS, companies are virtualizing servers and rolling out 64-bit hardware wherever possible. Continue reading

Debugging Documentum Java Method Server (JMS) Code in Eclipse

One of the big challenges with working with Documentum is debugging code that is deployed to the Content Server’s Java Method Server (JMS).  Deploying code updates to the JMS can be tedious because it the JMS is typically on a remote server for developers, and it usually takes a long time to restart when code changes are deployed.  The Java Method Server is also shared by all repositories on the content server, so continuously restarting the server for debugging can impact other repositories.  Logging for the JMS can also be tricky to configure, and log files can be difficult to locate.

This article will describe how to set up remote debugging in Eclipse for code that runs on the Documentum Java Method Server.

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Documentum Webtop 5.3 running on Documentum Content Server 6.x

We stumbled across a pretty vague reference in the cross-product dependency guide for Documentum 6.7 SP1 (on page 245) for Webtop (emphasis ours)

“Note: Documentum Collaborative Services 5.3 DAR is installed with Content Server 6.7 SP1 repository so Webtop 5.3 & 5.3 SPx will work with Content Server 6.7 SP1.   If Documentum Collaborative Services (formerly Documentum Collaborative Edition) 6.7 SP1 DAR is installed with Content Server 6.7 SP1 repository, Webtop 6.7 SP1 is required.” Continue reading