Documentum or Alfresco – Gmail integration for Case Management – TSG/HPI Labs

Many of our clients are leveraging Gmail as a replacement for hosting their own email servers.  As we have often mentioned, we are seeing more and more email integration, specifically in our case management scenarios.  This post will discuss our TSG Lab efforts to integrate Gmail with HPI for ingestion of emails and attached content.  Continue reading

Documentum, Mobile and IMAP – A standard and open source approach for email archiving and mobile access

TSG has started initial research and development on an alternative approach for email archiving and mobile access with Documentum, based on a client project that utilized Alfresco IMAP.  In prepping for our client briefing next week, we thought we would share our initial thoughts on an IMAP and Documentum approach. Continue reading

Documentum – EMC World/Momentum 2012 – TSG Recap

Thanks to all subscribers for making this one of our most successful weeks with the blog.  We always get lots of feedback that our take on announcements and learning sessions at EMC World/Momentum is our most popular topic.  Also, it was great making new friends face to face who opened with “I really like your blog!!!”  This post will try to wrap-up and summarize all the other postings, as well as express the TSG opinion on the event. Continue reading