Documentum and Alfresco – What are some of the bigger differences?

Many of the more popular posts over the years have been surrounding Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco  and other comparison posts.  While some of the differences are obvious (Big Public Company/Division of EMC versus Private Company, 20+ Years old versus 10 Years Old…..),  for this post, we thought we would summarize some of the not so obvious differences for clients considering migrating from Documentum to Alfresco from both a technology and culture perspective.

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Documentum 8 – Why and When, thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap

As readers might remember, in our recap of EMC World 2014 back in May, we thought one significant non-announcement was that there was no Documentum 8 on the roadmap.  In briefing our clients over the past 6 months, we thought we would share some of our thoughts on Documentum 8 and thoughts on the Documentum Roadmap. Continue reading

Documentum D7 – Initial Thoughts

As many Documentum customers know, the end of 2012 saw the initial official release of Documentum D7, something that was announced back at EMC World in May.  We have recently been evaluating the release to determine what’s new, what’s changed, and what the potential impacts could be for our clients as they plan for the future.  We will be posting to the blog over the next weeks as we proceed through our evaluations and test upgrade paths so be sure to stay tuned, but we wanted to share some initial thoughts as well.

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EMC World 2012– Momentum – Monday Morning Sessions – D2

Attended two D2 sessions to kick off the day before the Joe Tucci Keynote.  Sessions included:

The New EMC.  Documentum D2:  A Demonstration of How to Deliver Superior User Experiences – Boris Carbonneil and Brian Roche

Spice up your ECM Applications with the new EMC D2 – Peggy Ringhausen

This post will discuss the sessions with our observations.

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Day 1 – EMC World 2011 – Afternoon Sessions – Architecture and Product Roadmap

Attended three good sessions this afternoon.  First one was EMC Documentum Architecture Overview – Part 1 by Jeroen van Rotterdam, Second was Rick Devenuti Keynote – last presentation was John McCormick “What’s Next” Product Roadmap.  This post will try to summarize the three presentations with some thoughts on the overall product direction. Continue reading