TSG & NYPIUA – A Modern ECM Insurance Solution

“A Promise Delivered”

New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association (NYPIUA) shares their success story replacing their legacy mainframe ECM with the help of Technology Services Group. Built on TSG’s HPI interface and backed by the power of Alfresco, NYPIUA’s new ECM is built on modern technology, easily extensible, and easy to integrate with other systems.

See how NYPIUA uses TSG’s HPI, OpenMigrate, and OpenAnnotate for their daily policy and claim management, enabling them to keep their promise to their insureds in the video below. Stay tuned for the full case study summary coming this week!

To learn more about TSG’s work in the insurance industry, visit our Policy and Claim Management Solution for Insurance page.

Ephesoft Accounts Payable Solution for Alfresco, Documentum and Hadoop

Based on multiple recent client efforts, TSG is formalizing our solution for Accounts Payable.  This post will present how Ephesoft Smart Capture, a open source document capture solution, can be combined with OpenMigrate and HPI to deliver a more robust invoice and check processing solution for Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop

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FileNet Migration to Alfresco – Best Practices with OpenMigrate

Whether it is a trend, just coincidence, or the fading of IBM’s influence in content management, recently we have had multiple clients request migration of FileNet images and documents to Alfresco as part of a long term plan to remove the FileNet/IBM solutions from their infrastructure.  This post will share our experience and thoughts around migration with OpenMigrate.

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Alfresco 5 Deployment : Tips and Tricks

TSG has had two recent clients deploy Alfresco 5. After stabilizing the environments to handle the proper production load, we gathered a list of tips and tricks that have helped improve performance for Alfresco 5 around transformation and Microsoft SQL Server.  For clients familar with Alfresco 4, we have found making some small changes within client configurations in Alfresco 5 can result in a substantially improved performance. The remainder of this post will serve as a suggested checklist for consideration when deploying Alfresco 5.

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Documentum or Alfresco Migration Tools – What about Speed?

Back in 2013, Documentum announced the Enterprise Migration Appliance while pushing to get clients to upgrade to 7.x.   Renamed the Documentum Enterprise Migration Appliance (DEMA), one of the selling points of the DEMA is a focus on speed.  Architected for the “fastest migration possible”, DEMA was constructed to avoid the Documentum API and go directly to the underlying database.  This post will discuss the impact of speed and compare approaches of different migration tools.  Continue reading

Hadoop Document Transformations Using Adlib

In our series exploring the use of Hadoop for ECM, the best practice from our years of ECM experience tells us is that documents should be stored in both their native content as well as a PDF rendition of the content. Storing a PDF rendition allows consumers quick access to view the content, as well as being able to watermark and control the content to prevent consumers from altering the documents. This post will explore TSG’s partnership with Adlib and how we are using Adlib’s PDF conversion suite to transform documents being stored in Hadoop.

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Documentum Migration to Alfresco – Best Practices – Recording Available

More and more decision makers are choosing to migrate from legacy ECM repositories, such as Documentum, to Alfresco.  Whether to gain the advantage of better performance and additional capabilities or as part of an ECM consolidation effort, migrating from a legacy system to Alfresco doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex and difficult process.  TSG conducted a webinar with Alfresco on February 26 – recording available.

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