Enterprise Content Management Predictions – 2015

This post will give some thoughts in regards to the futures of ECM and what we would expect in 2015.  In looking back, we neglected to do a predictions last year.  See our post detailing our 2013 predictions for Documentum.  This post will compare our thoughts and predictions in the past for the previous two years as well as give our thoughts for the upcoming year. Continue reading

Documentum Migration to Alfresco – Making one small mobile/cloud step first

Having already addressed here Why Clients are migrating from Documentum to Alfresco, the major issue most long-time clients have with moving from Documentum to Alfresco is how to take that first step.  Legacy Documentum users often have terabytes of documents stored in Documentum and contemplating a move to any platform would be costly and resource intensive.  One innovative approach clients are considering is to introduce Alfresco for new initiatives with integration to legacy Documentum instances to gradually reduce the reliance on Documentum.  This post will discuss how one client is considering leveraging Alfresco for mobile access and discuss the architecture components of that approach. Continue reading

Documentum and Alfresco – Evolution of the HPI Desktop for Case Management by Insurance Clients

One of the more popular uses of HPI within our Documentum or Alfresco client base is for case management, specifically insurance clients.  Some of our previous posts have included an interview with a claims processing user as well as other general posts.  We also have multiple videos about insurance implementations and related folders in our learning zone.  This post will review how three major insurance clients helped determine the direction of the HPI desktop interface and highlight some of the key features for insurance applications. Continue reading

Documentum Mobile Approval – Screencam and Demo Published

As we discussed in a previous post on mobile and third party approval, TSG is currently in the development process for our mobile approval interface for the Active Wizard.  One of the early deliverables of the effort is a standalone demonstration of inbox/approve/reject functionality working on a variety of mobile platforms.  A screencam of the overall soloution is located in our Learning Zone.  This post will provide a written background on the solution as well as a link for you to try the application yourself.

Continue reading

Documentum Client Briefing – Final Agenda – June 7th – University of Chicago Gleacher Center in Chicago

TSG will be holding our 5th annual client briefing on June 7th, at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center from 9 to 5.  Agenda will include EMC World Recap, State of Enterprise Content Management discussion lead by Doculabs, Client Survery Presentation and Benchmarking, Mobile Product Demonstrations and case studies along with TSG Product Roadmaps.  If you are interested in attending, contact us at inquiry@tsgrp.com.  Full Agenda to follow. Continue reading

Documentum Client Briefing – June 7th – University of Chicago Gleacher Center in Chicago

TSG will be holding our 5th annual client briefing on June 7th, at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center from 9 am to 5 pm.  The briefing focuses on TSG facilitation of specific Documentum topics allowing interaction between clients to discuss experience, lessons learned and best practices.  Last year’s briefing included:

  • Introductions – sharing “What I would like to learn today”
  • EMC World Recap and thoughts on Roadmap/Product Offerings
  • ECM Industry Overview – John Newton – Co-founder Documentum, Founder Alfresco
  • Lunch (Wolfgang Puck Catered) and networking
  • Client Benchmarking Survey Results – Included Support, Upgrades and Other Plans • SharePoint Discussions
  • Records Retention
  • Innovative Projects
  • TSG Product Roadmap

This year’s attendees will be polled in Mid-May to finalize this year’s agenda.  We are pleased to announce that James Watson PhD from Doculabs will be providing a keynote presentation on their thoughts in regards to Documentum and EMC.  Based on initial client feedback, other topics could include:

  • Mobile Strategy and TSG Offerings
  • Cloud Thoughts and Strategy
  • D2/XCP/Webtop/HPI Review and Discussions
  • Record Management Strategy
  • SharePoint Integrations/Trends

While the briefing is mostly limited to TSG clients, we do invite selective companies that we feel can add to the discussion.  If you are interested in attending the briefing, please contact us at inquiry@tsgrp.com.

Documentum, Mobile and the Cloud for Third Party and Remote Approval

TSG has successfully implemented multiple solutions for third party/remote approval for different Documentum customers.  In each case, the solution focused on bringing outside approvers into the client’s Documentum environment.  Based on discussions with several customers, TSG is beginning to develop a new solution to address several different business issues and take advantage of additional technical options.  This post will discuss our initial approach to solicit feedback on the proposed solution. Continue reading

Chicago Alfresco User Group Meeting – March 1st

Thanks to all the fellow Alfrescans who attended both the Minneapolis and Chicago Lunch and Learns.  Really, the best part of these lunch and learns is the LUNCH!  We get to learn how people are leveraging the platform and share best practices and experiences.   Alfresco 4.0 Enterprise was released on Thursday to much fanfare, and we are just as excited to continuing developing web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions on Alfresco.  Some quick links to some of the case studies and open source offerings on our website:

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