Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop Annotations : Feature Updates for OpenAnnotate 2.5

Over the last six years, OpenAnnotate has evolved from supporting only simple annotations to gradually supporting all XFDF features as well as additional collaboration capabilities.  Driven by our clients, OpenAnnotate has added a variety of different functionality including collaboration, highlighting, indexing, and redaction.  With a modern approach, OpenAnnotate has successfully replaced numerous legacy annotation tools including Documentum’s PDF Annotation Services and AnnoDocs. This post will present all of the new features that are available in OpenAnnotate 2.5.

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AnnoDoc for Documentum – End of Service/Support – OpenAnnotate as a Replacement

Similar to Documentum’s PDF Annotation Services End of Service/Support, CSC’s AnnoDoc team has announced that their Annotation tool for Documentum will be moving to unsupported as of July 2016. As a strategic partner with CSC, TSG is currently working with a multiple AnnoDoc clients to deploy TSG’s OpenAnnotate as a more robust, supported and lower cost replacement. This post will present how to migrate from an AnnoDoc environment to OpenAnnotate.

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Alfresco Claims Processing – Product Roadmap and Future Vision

Last week, TSG conducted a product briefing for some select clients.  One of our large Alfresco claim processing clients, currently leveraging the TSG Policy and Claim solution for Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop, was an active participant and brainstormed on their current and future needs.  This post will highlight those conversations and vision as well as discuss how the TSG solution is evolving to provide a more complete, and well documented, Alfresco claims processing solution.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Salesforce Integration for Contract Management

During our development of our Contract Management Solution, we found a common requirement to initiate a contract is the extraction of values from the CRM system.  For one client, the information from their CRM system (Salesforce) was a easy way to jump start the contract development process while improving data integrity and reducing keying.  This post will present how capturing data from the CRM system (ex:Salesforce) can initiate the contract management process.

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Documentum or Alfresco – HPI 2.3 Now Available for TSG Clients

TSG is happy to announce that the HPI 2.3 release is now available to TSG clients on Documentum or Alfresco.  The 2.3 release includes many new features driven by TSG client projects.  This post will describe the significant updates (with Video) including Redaction, Cloud Link Ingestion, Cloud Attachment Send and Periodic Review.

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Hadoop PDF Annotations with OpenAnnotate

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides the ability to store an enormous quantity of files with redundancy.  In our first release of OpenContent for Hadoop, we have included the ability to annotate PDF documents with OpenAnnotate and store and retrieve the PDF layers in Hadoop.  This post will describe the integration with Hadoop as the ECM repository, as well as highlight some benefits of using an annotation tool that uses open specifications.

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Documentum – EMC World 2015 – Momentum – Prepping for the Show

Next week, May 4th through May 8th, EMC World and the smaller component for Documentum (formerly IIG and now ECD ) Momentum will again be in Las Vegas again at the Venetian.  TSG has attended all the U.S. Momentum’s since the 1996 inaugural event in Miami (19 and counting).  For those attending, we thought we would provide some thoughts based on our experience.   Look here next week for our thoughts throughout the conference. Continue reading