Alfresco – Amazon Web Services or On-Premise?

One of our clients is replacing IBM/FileNet with Alfresco.  As this will be a new Alfresco installation, the client is considering building out an Alfresco infrastructure within one of their data centers or within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  This post will share our analysis of the pros and cons of both approaches.

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ECM Disruptors – Open Source, The Cloud, Software as a Service and Big Data – What are clients doing?

When it comes to new technology, one Accenture partner once shared an interesting analogy comparing new technology to teenager vices.  Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, and those that are doing it aren’t doing it very well.   For this post, we will discuss TSG’s ECM clients, The Cloud, Software as a Services (SaaS) and Big Data to shed some light on what our clients are talking about, what they’re actually do doing, and with our thoughts for readers to consider.

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ImageWare from Cannon – Migration to Alfresco in the Cloud

As summarized in our series of migration posts, many of our clients are moving to Alfresco from legacy ECM solutions. For one of our current clients, we are moving from an onsite Canon ImageWare solution to Alfresco hosted within the Amazon Cloud.  This post will share our experience migrating from ImageWare to Alfresco and include some specifics in regards to technical migration nuances. Continue reading

Documentum Migration to Alfresco – Making one small mobile/cloud step first

Having already addressed here Why Clients are migrating from Documentum to Alfresco, the major issue most long-time clients have with moving from Documentum to Alfresco is how to take that first step.  Legacy Documentum users often have terabytes of documents stored in Documentum and contemplating a move to any platform would be costly and resource intensive.  One innovative approach clients are considering is to introduce Alfresco for new initiatives with integration to legacy Documentum instances to gradually reduce the reliance on Documentum.  This post will discuss how one client is considering leveraging Alfresco for mobile access and discuss the architecture components of that approach. Continue reading

Alfresco / TSG and United Cerebral Palsy Featured on Local News in Chicago

In January, TSG and United Cerebral Palsy of Chicago (UCP) was featured on ABC Channel 7 in Chicago, looking at how TSG has worked with UCP to donate our expertise to create applications such as myInfinitec and InfiniTEXT.  Both solutions were built leveraging the Alfresco platform and are hosted on the Amazon cloud.

TSG has been working pro-bono with UCP for a number of years has been a great way to utilize our content management expertise to directly provide value to UCP’s clients, comprised of over 20,000 educators across the country.
Visit our website or click here to view the video, Alfresco DevCon 2011 presentation, and to download the overall case study.  Reference our previous posts on our work with UCP as well.

Alfresco DevCon Wrap Up

DevCon wrapped up at the end of October in sunny San Diego.   Conferences are always a great way to get “re-energized”, meeting new users to the Alfresco platform, spending time with existing clients, and getting excited about where the Alfresco platform is headed.  This post will discuss the roadmap and other thoughts from the conference.

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Deploying Alfresco on Amazon EC2

Given all of the “buzz” around Cloud Computing, TSG has had the opportunity to deploy Alfresco Cloud solutions on Amazon EC2 for a number of clients, as well as a chance to experiment with the flexibility of using Amazon EC2 for development purposes.  Amazon EC2 fits under the Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS) model, which provides virtual servers on demand.

Overall, the primary benefit of deploying to an IaaS such as Amazon EC2 is the ease in deployment and configuration, as well as the ability to scale your infrastructure on demand.  Over time, your typical document management solution would mostly likely have a slow and steady increase of content and usage.  However, for scenarios which require a large ingestion of content initially or a huge increase in users, Amazon EC2 provides the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

If deploying to a single server, deploying an ECM repository to Amazon EC2 should be a relatively straight forward process.  As ECM vendors market their Cloud offerings, the key will be how easy they are able to scale from one to many nodes in a Cloud environment.

Developing in the Cloud

In regards to internal development, utilizing Amazon EC2 On Demand Instances has been an easy way to quickly bring up instances of Alfresco.  In further enhancing our OpenMigrate Alfresco Target offering, we were able to perform benchmarking utilizing EC2.  Need to compare migration performance on Alfresco on a 32-bit vs. 64-bit OS?  No problem, start up a medium instance (32-bit) and large instance (64-bit) and go to town.  Maybe we want to see how we can increase migration performance in a clustered Alfresco environment?  No problem again..start up another instance and setup a cluster against the existing repository.  The benefit is once development tasks are complete, the instance can be shut down and brought up at a later time.

Amazon EC2 Lessons Learned

If deploying a production implementation into cloud, the following are best practices when deploying to the Amazon EC2.

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