Extending Alfresco Security Beyond ACLs

Recently TSG worked with an Alfresco client that had unique requirements around document and folder security.  In addition to traditional ACL security, the client needed the ability to tag documents with metadata that would deny users access to content unless they were members of a particular group.  This post will focus on our approach for addressing the security requirements in Alfresco.

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Upgrading to Alfresco 5 – New Search Features and Solr 4

The latest release of Alfresco One introduced a range of enhancements to the search capabilities in Alfresco Share.  With these enhancements also came a significant upgrade to Alfresco’s back-end indexing and search engine, Solr.  This article will showcase some of the new search features that are available in Alfresco 5, as well as provide information for successfully upgrading from previous versions of Alfresco and Solr.

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Upgrading to Alfresco 5 – Keys to Success

With the recent release of Alfresco 5 Enterprise, many clients are beginning to plan to upgrade to the latest version of Alfresco in the coming months.  On January 8th, TSG participated in an Alfresco Tech Talk Live Session that focused on upgrading to Alfresco 5.  Alfresco Tech Talk Live is a regularly scheduled webcast where a panel of subject matter experts discuss various topics related to Alfresco.  A recording of the Alfresco 5 Upgrade session can be found here.  A complete list of Alfresco Tech Talk Live sessions can be found here.

During the session, some key points were brought up that contribute to the overall success of an Alfresco upgrade.  This post will discuss 5 of those factors in more detail.

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Harnessing the Power of Alfresco Data Lists for Cascading Value Assistance

One of the most common Alfresco customization requests that we receive from our clients is for a way to allow metadata constraint lists to be managed by business users, rather than by IT.  TSG has developed an Alfresco Module Package (AMP) that allows picklist values to be managed using the data list functionality in Alfresco Share.  See our previous post on Alfresco Data List-Driven Value Assistance for more information on this module.

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Auto-Numbering Content in Alfresco

To continue our series of posts highlighting common design patterns that we see in many Alfresco implementations (see previous posts on Auto-Filing and Data List-Drive Value Assistance, this post will focus on another Alfresco module package (AMP) that TSG has developed that provides a configurable way to automatically number content with a unique numbering sequence upon creation.

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