Documentum and Alfresco – What are some of the bigger differences?

Many of the more popular posts over the years have been surrounding Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco  and other comparison posts.  While some of the differences are obvious (Big Public Company/Division of EMC versus Private Company, 20+ Years old versus 10 Years Old…..),  for this post, we thought we would summarize some of the not so obvious differences for clients considering migrating from Documentum to Alfresco from both a technology and culture perspective.

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Alfresco or Documentum Collaborative Document Reviews with OpenAnnotate

Whenever we give a demo of OpenAnnotate, clients always ask, “What happens when multiple users need to review a document at the same time?” OpenAnnotate has always supported having multiple users annotating a document at the same time, but a recent client has added functionality which broadcasts “live” the annotations and comments that users are making.  This makes the review process in OpenAnnotate more collaborative. This post will outline some things to look for when evaluating your options for annotating/reviewing documents in your ECM repository.

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Documentum – Momentum EMC World 2014 Recap – Some bunts, hits as well as some swings

In talking about our overall thoughts of EMC World and Momentum 2014, I thought I would resurrect our baseball analogy from where we felt Documentum was too often swinging for the fences with grandiose product plans and relationships that were turning into more strikeouts than runs.  As we mentioned in 2013, we were impressed with the new focus on more practical product development plan and roadmaps that were being accomplished.

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Documentum – EMC World – Momentum 2012 – Early Predictions

Once again TSG is attending EMC World in Las Vegas – May 21-24.  For those interested, early discounts are still available at  While not much is known at this point in time about the final agenda list (or who the opening/closing acts are), this post will try to take a guess at the dominant themes based on the Momentum Conference Agenda.

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Documentum Webtop – Stabilizing or Not Investing?

With EMC World next week, I had an interesting discussion with a client regarding the future of Webtop with Documentum.  As readers will know from last year’s EMC World post, Documentum announced last year that they would not be “investing in Webtop” in the future. For this post, I thought I would share some of that conversation as well as general thoughts on Documentum product development.  Continue reading

Documentum/Momentum EMC World Prep

The agenda for Momentum, the Documentum portion of EMC World, has recently been posted (  For this post, we thought we would highlight things we (TSG) or our typical clients attend.   Overall, EMC has divided the sessions into “tracks” focused on Architecture/Best Practices, ECM, Software Developer, Information Governance, Case Management, User Group, Capture and Labs.   Continue reading