Alfresco Consulting – What makes TSG different?

Over the last two quarters, TSG has acquired multiple Alfresco clients that had initially purchased both Alfresco software and services from a different Alfresco consulting firm.  With Alfresco turning 10 years old, we predict that more and more mature Alfresco customers will be looking “What’s Next” and may consider switching their Alfresco consulting partner.  One of the questions from one client in the last RFP process was, “How are you different from other Alfresco consulting firms?”  This post will present some of our thoughts gleaned from our clients that have made the switch.

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Your first job – what to look for… and what to be careful about

At TSG, much like other companies, we are beginning our fall college recruiting season.  Last year, we wrote a very well received article titled “That first job-what to look for”.  In talking to our recruits, we realized that other firms were doing similar things, but glamorizing things that weren’t necessarily always positive.  This year’s post will summarize last year’s article and try to address some of the less than glamorous items to be careful about.

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That First Job – What to look for…

At TSG, much like other companies, we are in the middle of our fall college recruiting season.  With campus interviews complete, we have recruits from six different schools coming in to visit our office over the next two weeks.  For our visiting college hires, as well as long-time readers of our blog, this post will share some of our thoughts on what students should look for as they compare career options between different companies.   This post is not a complete list but highlight several items that students don’t always consider in making that “first job” decision.  Continue reading