Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop Annotations : Feature Updates for OpenAnnotate 2.5

Over the last six years, OpenAnnotate has evolved from supporting only simple annotations to gradually supporting all XFDF features as well as additional collaboration capabilities.  Driven by our clients, OpenAnnotate has added a variety of different functionality including collaboration, highlighting, indexing, and redaction.  With a modern approach, OpenAnnotate has successfully replaced numerous legacy annotation tools including Documentum’s PDF Annotation Services and AnnoDocs. This post will present all of the new features that are available in OpenAnnotate 2.5.

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AnnoDoc for Documentum – End of Service/Support – OpenAnnotate as a Replacement

Similar to Documentum’s PDF Annotation Services End of Service/Support, CSC’s AnnoDoc team has announced that their Annotation tool for Documentum will be moving to unsupported as of July 2016. As a strategic partner with CSC, TSG is currently working with a multiple AnnoDoc clients to deploy TSG’s OpenAnnotate as a more robust, supported and lower cost replacement. This post will present how to migrate from an AnnoDoc environment to OpenAnnotate.

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Hadoop PDF Annotations with OpenAnnotate

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides the ability to store an enormous quantity of files with redundancy.  In our first release of OpenContent for Hadoop, we have included the ability to annotate PDF documents with OpenAnnotate and store and retrieve the PDF layers in Hadoop.  This post will describe the integration with Hadoop as the ECM repository, as well as highlight some benefits of using an annotation tool that uses open specifications.

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Hadoop – OpenContent/HPI Product Plans

The first step in supporting all of the TSG products on Hadoop is building our OpenContent REST Web Services layer to access Hadoop in the same manner we access Documentum, Alfresco and other content management systems.  This post will present our plans and timelines for OpenContent along with associated TSG solutions.

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Alfresco or Documentum Collaborative Document Reviews with OpenAnnotate

Whenever we give a demo of OpenAnnotate, clients always ask, “What happens when multiple users need to review a document at the same time?” OpenAnnotate has always supported having multiple users annotating a document at the same time, but a recent client has added functionality which broadcasts “live” the annotations and comments that users are making.  This makes the review process in OpenAnnotate more collaborative. This post will outline some things to look for when evaluating your options for annotating/reviewing documents in your ECM repository.

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Alfresco / TSG Webinar – Using Alfresco for Controlled Documentation

Tune in tomorrow for a TSG webinar – “Using Alfresco for Controlled Documentation”.  We will focus on common functionality required for a controlled documentation system and how Alfresco can be leveraged as the platform to meet these needs.  We’ll be showcasing our open source products, including HPI and OpenAnnotate, working from an Alfresco repository.

Click here to register.  A recording of the webinar will also be available on the Alfresco site.

New York Philharmonic Digital Archives – New Content Release on March 22nd

The New York Philharmonic will be hosting a Google Hangout tomorrow to discuss the new release of Digital Archives material from 1943-1970 (International Era). Scholars from around the world will be participating to discuss the content, and the historic tours from that time period under Leonard Bernstein.

The event will start at 10:30 EST, click here for more information!

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