Documentum Migrations – OpenMigrate Sucessfully Moves Half Million Records

Today, a large scale data migration was completed for one of TSG’s pharma clients using TSG’s OpenMigrate tool.  Roughly 560,000 records and 175GB of data were migrated at an average pace of 2 documents per second.  The entire migration completed in less than two weeks.  Records from the client’s previous Sybase Database and FTP based system were migrated to a new Documentum repository.   This effort is in conjunction with a new document management system developed for the client.

The records in the legacy system had 105 document types each with a set of attributes.  This required configurations for each document type in OpenMigrate, utilizing the feature of unique mapping schemas.  The migration ran on a Unix environment producing detailed logs of the transfer.  While processing over half a million records, OpenMigrate detected 11 documents that were missing content on the legacy system and required further attention.

This migration utilized OpenMigrate 1.3 with no customizations made to the core product.  Configurations for the mapping of attributes as well as locations of the source and target systems were the only modification needed to leverage OpenMigrate as a migrating tool.