Web Content Curating and Publishing (WCM) in Documentum and Alfresco

After upgrading Alfresco for one of our financial clients, we started looking at how to improve the tools and process they use to manage web content for multiple external sites. Beginning with an informal survey of how our other customers curate and publish web content it became apparent that each one handles it slightly different. This post will summarize seven different clients and how they are adding, reviewing, approving, and publishing information to the web.

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Alfresco / TSG and United Cerebral Palsy Featured on Local News in Chicago

In January, TSG and United Cerebral Palsy of Chicago (UCP) was featured on ABC Channel 7 in Chicago, looking at how TSG has worked with UCP to donate our expertise to create applications such as myInfinitec and InfiniTEXT.  Both solutions were built leveraging the Alfresco platform and are hosted on the Amazon cloud.

TSG has been working pro-bono with UCP for a number of years has been a great way to utilize our content management expertise to directly provide value to UCP’s clients, comprised of over 20,000 educators across the country.
Visit our website or click here to view the video, Alfresco DevCon 2011 presentation, and to download the overall case study.  Reference our previous posts on our work with UCP as well.

Alfresco and Liferay – Lessons Learned from UCP of Greater Chicago

For those who had the opportunity to attend DevCon 2011, TSG presented this case study about developing myInfinitec, a portal provided to teachers to access resources to aid in working with special needs children. The slides from our DevCon 2011 presentation may be accessed here. The following will discuss lessons learned during initial development, including the following topics:
  • Authentication between Liferay, Alfresco and Adobe Connect
  • Communication between Alfresco and Liferay
  • Usage of the Liferay SDK
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