Workshare Compare for More Efficient Review and Approval of Document Changes

We have recently been working with multiple clients that have streamlined their review and approval process to increase throughput and decrease turnaround time.  One key process improvement is allowing for quick and simple annotations during the review cycle.  TSG’s OpenAnnotate provides for quick, browser based annotations and now includes Workshare Compare integration as well.  This post will present how OpenAnnotate combined with Workshare Compare can be used to further streamline the process of reviewing and annotating a document.

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Office 365 – Check-in and Check-out with Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop

One of the major issues for authors with Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop has always been checking in a document from a browser based interface.  We have recently completed adding Office 365 integration to our High Performance Interface (HPI)  to allow clients to checkin and checkout without requiring Office on their device.  This post will share the approach as well as present a video of the capabilities.

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EMC said planning to sell Documentum Business Amid Dell Deal – (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg reported yesterday that EMC is seeking to sell Documentum.  As we have been reporting here when the Dell deal was initially announced, as well as when Dell announced the sale of their information-technology services business to NTT Data Corp (formerly Perot Services), we have predicted that Dell will look to sell off non-strategic components to reduce the debt burden.  Bloomberg surmises that “a private equity firm will probably acquire it, though a sale won’t happen quickly”.  Full article avaialble at

Good video from MSN here –


Documentum or Alfresco – TSG Government Solution

In the past few years TSG has added several government clients to our solution portfolio. Building on this work we have developed a Government Solution focusing on the case management strengths of HPI and the document review and approval capability of Active Wizard.  This post will present our plan for our Government Solutions posts. Continue reading

Documentum / IIG / ECD? – EMC Announces 2014 Earnings, Layoffs and thoughts on a spin-off

EMC released it’s 2014 financial results yesterday.   Included with the announcements was news of layoffs for 2015.  In a separate discussion at an IIG partner kickoff, IIG – the Information Intelligence Group, is changing it’s name to Enterprise Content Division – ECD as well as it’s leader.   This post will present thoughts on all of these changes. Continue reading

Documentum and Alfresco – What are some of the bigger differences?

Many of the more popular posts over the years have been surrounding Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco  and other comparison posts.  While some of the differences are obvious (Big Public Company/Division of EMC versus Private Company, 20+ Years old versus 10 Years Old…..),  for this post, we thought we would summarize some of the not so obvious differences for clients considering migrating from Documentum to Alfresco from both a technology and culture perspective.

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Ephesoft Partnership

Technology Services Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Ephesoft, maker of SmartCapture, an industry leader specializing in extracting critical information from physical and electronic documents.  From scanned forms to faxes to PDFs, emails and attachement, Ephesoft provides the capabilities to tag, process, organize, and add properties to documents through a highly configurable batch processing system.  TSG is adding Ephesoft as another alternative and component in an overall ECM approach with Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop.

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Alfresco or Documentum Collaborative Document Reviews with OpenAnnotate

Whenever we give a demo of OpenAnnotate, clients always ask, “What happens when multiple users need to review a document at the same time?” OpenAnnotate has always supported having multiple users annotating a document at the same time, but a recent client has added functionality which broadcasts “live” the annotations and comments that users are making.  This makes the review process in OpenAnnotate more collaborative. This post will outline some things to look for when evaluating your options for annotating/reviewing documents in your ECM repository.

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