Digital Asset Management using CMIS – Adobe Drive and Alfresco

TSG recently worked with a client with requirements to store Adobe InDesign files within Alfresco.  Adobe InDesign allows for the design and creation of various page layouts for print or digital distribution.  Pages may be comprised of various components, including fonts, images, videos, and audio.  Hence, a single InDesign file may be contain a single page layout, with pointers to multiple source files from various locations.

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TSG HPI Search Alfresco Webinar

TSG  and Alfresco co-hosted another successful webinar discussing the simplication of search on ECM platforms using our HPI Search Interface.  HPI Search is a great way for consumers to find content quickly in a streamlined search interface that is easy to use and configurable.  HPI Search Interface on Alfresco utilizes our OpenContent web services using CMIS to interface w/ Alfresco.

To review the recording of the webinar click here.

For more information, access our datasheet or visit our website to download.