Enhancing Alfresco Digital Asset Management Capabilities – Upcoming Media Management Module

Over the past several years, TSG has had the opportunity to work with great clients such as the NY Philharmonic, Canadian Museum of Human Rights, American Society of Clinical Pathology, and others implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions using the Alfresco Platform. For those of you at Alfresco Summit this year, Ray Gauss, Alfresco’s Digital Asset Management architect, laid out the groundwork for the upcoming Media Management Module, due out Q1 of next year.

The release of the Media Management Module will allow for extended DAM functionality, both on Alfresco 4.2. as well as the upcoming Alfresco 5.0 release. Ray’s presentation from Alfresco Summit is available on-line here.

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Alfresco and Box – An Integrated Approach for Collaboration and Approval

TSG just finished a successful proof of concept for a life science company that, like many companies, uses Box for collaboration (among other tools) but wanted to add more traditional ECM capabilities like workflow approval and electronic signatures.  Alfresco, combined with TSG add-on products, provides robust workflow review and approval.  This post will discuss the proof of concept and  results.

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TSG @ Alfresco Summit San Francisco

TSG will once again be in attendance at Alfresco Summit this year.  We have a lot of new /existing clients attending, and looking forward to educate attendees on solutions we have built on top of the Alfresco platform.  Be sure not to miss our presentations during Summit:

Wednesday – September 24th
Lightning Talks #1 – 3:00-3:40 @ Seacliff D
Migrating from Legacy ECM Repositories to Alfresco
Plugin-Free Annotation in Alfresco Share

Thursday – September 25th
Case Study: Curing Cancer with Alfresco and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)

A special thanks to Ron Swan from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.  We’ve been working with ASCP for the past 2 years, and looking forward to share the innovative work (Google Glass POC, Amazon Web Services for Uploads, Medical Virtual Slides w/ Annotations) we’ve been developing for ASCP and their members.

Wednesday night we will also be co-hosting an After Hours Event with our friends at Blue Fish and MSI at the Starlight Room at the famous Sir Francis Drake Hotel starting at 10:30PM.  Stop by our both to pick up an invite and get a demo of our latest solutions and case studies.

Hope to see you there!

Canadian Museum of Human Rights – Opening Weekend

In the fall of 2012, Technology Services Group flew up to Winnipeg, Manitoba with Alfresco to understand CMHR’s vision for their museum.  More than a decade in the making, and still under construction, we were able see the vision for the numerous digitally driven exhibits being designed and built, the need for an API to interface with all of the exhibits, how digital assets which would be licensed and owned, and how a core repository would be required to centralize all of these assets.  The most amazing part of the trip was getting a tour of the 350 million dollar museum.  While only partially built at the time, the museum already had the incredible alabaster walkways in place, the window enclosures were being sealed, and you could already start to envision how amazing the Garden of Contemplation and Tower of Hope would be once completed.


Almost two years later, the museum will be opening this weekend. TSG is honored to have been a part of the process, in assisting CMHR in building a core content repository on Alfresco, interfacing with their collection systems, and building a central platform providing content to all of the museum exhibits and the online collection.  CMHR has integrated various TSG solutions to help make this possible, including HPI as the primary interface to bulk import, index, and search all of the incoming digital assets. TSG’s OpenMigrate solution is also used to ingest content from various collection systems into a single repository and drive a publishing process to the external facing web site.

Thank you again for letting TSG and Alfresco be a part of what will be one of the most technologically innovative and thought-provoking museums in the world.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact

As more business processes are being automated for storing and working with documents in ECM repositories, many companies are encountering a need to redact sensitive information in these documents. Solutions exist for doing the redaction such as Brava and Redact-it, but these solutions are expensive and difficult to support. TSG is proud to introduce OpenRedact, an open source web-based redaction tool for redacting sensitive information on documents stored in Documentum or Alfresco. Continue reading

Documentum & Alfresco Migration Strategies – What Factors Should be Considered?

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we often meet with potential clients who are interested in using OpenMigrate to meet a migration need but they haven’t yet identified specific migration requirements beyond the need to move documents from one location to another.  It is important to identify requirements and an overall migration strategy as early as possible as migrations provide a great opportunity to “clean up” content management systems.  This “cleansing” can be through object model updates, metadata cleansing, deletion or archival of obsolete documents, or other business related decisions.

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Integrating Alfresco or Documentum with a Learning Management System (LMS)

When presenting TSG’s HPI based Quality Document Management solution to a regulated industry (Life Sciences, Energy, etc.), we often get asked about training requirements.  The question is typically asked in one of the following ways:

  • Does HPI support Read & Understood Notifications and tracking?
  • Does HPI have Distribution functionality?
  • Can HPI integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

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