Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco – Controlled Documents – Introducing Active Wizard 5.0

TSG has over 15 years experience building systems to manage controlled documents.  Most of these systems have been built on top of Documentum for clients in various industries including Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Energy, Manufacturing and others.  When talking to these clients about their thoughts on moving from Documentum to Alfresco, the inevitable conversation comes up: “How do we manage our controlled documents?”

One of our products, Active Wizard, is an electronic forms and workflow product that is well suited for controlled document systems.  With the help of a TSG client in the pharmaceutical industry, version 5.0 of Active Wizard will support both Alfresco and Documentum repositories.

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Salesforce.com Dreamforce Conclusion

The Salesforce.com Dreamforce convention is winding so we thought we would share our thoughts on what we observed and heard over the past week.

As always, the convention offered a lot of fanfare and excitement mixed with tons of useful knowledge from the over 800 sessions. For the most part we are convinced that the Social Enterprise is gaining a significant amount of traction, and more and more companies are looking for ways to move their legacy systems from on-premise to the cloud. Salesforce.com continues to invest significantly in developing their Platform and being the industry leader with Cloud systems.

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Documentum Workflow – Queue/Template versus Form/Dynamic Approaches

We recently finished conducting a technical proof of concept with a financial services client.  One of the big discussions was workflow, specifically a queue driven approach with workflow templates versus a form driven approach with dynamic workflow.  Since either approach could satisfy the client’s requirements in one way or another, the client wanted us to compare and contrast the different approaches. This post will summarize some of the key differences.

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Documentum Workflow Reporting: One Client’s Approach using Cognos

Many of our clients deploy some type of business workflow as a part of their ECM offering and see some great efficiency improvements.  This entry is going to outline how a large Pharmaceutical client was able to create some advanced reporting around their promotional materials approval process to help identify inefficiencies in their process and improve their workflow turnaround time. The client uses TSG’s Active Wizard dynamic workflow engine to drive their approval process of promotional and marketing materials. They were looking for answers to the following kinds of questions about their process:

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Alfresco or Documentum – Dynamic Workflow in Active Wizard

We’ve recently completed our initial effort that successfully implemented the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow with the Activiti workflow engine embedded in Alfresco 4.0.  The Active Wizard has supported Documentum workflow since 2002.  For this new effort, we re-examined some of the fundamental concepts behind the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow.   This post will overview those concepts, and how the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow is different than a typical “dynamic” workflow template.  One best practice we have seen at multiple clients is to leverage forms AND workflow.  Especially in the case of controlled document processes, a form needs to be created along with one or more attached documents to explain to the user what they are approving.  In this post, we will discuss the use of forms for dynamic workflow.

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