Records Management in Alfresco and Documentum

Last month at our client briefing, electronic records management systems were a common point of interest, but interestingly, not a common practice. Even though everyone knew they needed to be smarter about using electronic records management only a few companies had taken the plunge. The others, like many of the companies we talk to every day, are managing records with spreadsheets, paper, and home-grown solutions and databases.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with clients interested in both the Documentum Records Management Family of products (RM, RPS, PRM) and Alfresco RM. (We’ll refer to the Documentum Family as Documentum RM for the rest of the article.)While both are DoD 5015.02 standard compliant, they approach creating the file plan, declaring a record, setting holds/freezes, applying disposition, and reporting differently. Continue reading

Documentum Retention Policy Services – Thoughts on Performance

TSG recently worked with a client evaluating EMC’s Retention Policy Services (RPS) product.  For those unfamiliar with RPS, RPS is used for automating content retention and disposition, while also allowing for holds that prevent disposition. Additional information can be found on the EMC website here:

The client liked many of the features of the product and its user interface (which is very similar to Webtop). One of the appealing features is that RPS allows a clear separation of duties between roles of users along with multiple tools for managing retention with the WDK-based Retention Policy Services Administrator (RPSA). In this case, the end users are never aware that RPS is being used unless they try to delete a document that has a retention policy applied.  For this client, a major concern focused on the RPS performance overhead of applying retention policies and mark ups to a multi-million document repository.

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