Mobile Development Environments – Alfresco, Documentum and SharePoint

As part of our effort to develop our mobile offerings for HPI and other applications, we took a detailed look at a number of different frameworks during our TSG sponsored Hack Day.  This post will present our findings.

Native versus Web Applications

One of the major decisions for development was whether to go with a native application for a specific device (ex: iPhone or Android) or simply use a mobile browser.  Native applications have full access to device specific goodies and APIs that allow developers to create rich mobile applications, just like in the desktop world.  A couple of downsides to the native application approach include:

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Documentum and Alfresco – Mobile Camera App for Case Management

Currently many clients import photos into their case management systems by transferring digital images via a USB connection to a computer and then uploading them through a traditional content management client application.  This post will discuss how to enable clients to leverage smartphones for a better experience. Continue reading