Documentum – Momentum – EMC World 2014 – Day 2 – Rick Devenuti Keynote

The keynote is always the most significant event at Momentum.  Last year, the significant announcement was EMA – a migration utility – see our write-up on 2014.  This year’s presentation did not include any major announcements.  Typically the presentation is shared on YouTube – we will add the link once available.  Please forgive any typos – trying to get to next presentation…

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Documentum – Upgrading to Documentum 7 in Three Weeks

Many of our clients have end of year deadlines for projects. One of our newest clients contacted us with an unprecedented challenge – could we upgrade them from 32-bit Documentum 6.5 SP1 to 64-bit Documentum 7.0 Patch 12 by early December given availability of certain funds.  This post will present the project and some best practices in regards to the upgrade.  Continue reading

Documentum – EMC World/Momentum 2013 – TSG Recap

Thanks to all of you that again made our Momentum EMC World our most successful posting days.   This year was an interesting time.  It really made our day to get feedback that many of you look forward to the summaries as well as how the blogs throughout the year have helped with Documentum-related decisions throughout the year.  This post will try to wrap-up and summarize all the other postings, as well as express TSG’s opinion on the event.
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Documentum – EMC World 2013 – Day 1 – Life Sciences D2 Solutions

This blog post will summarize Documentum’s D2 solutions for the life sciences industry. There was one presentation at 11:30 covering the currently released solutions and one at 2:30 covering the solutions that are upcoming.

Tuesday @ 11:30 – Life Sciences: Compliance, Productivity and Secure Collaboration

Tuesday @ 2:30 – Life Sciences: What’s New & Next – EMC Documentum Life Sciences Solution Suite Roadmap

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Documentum – EMC World/Momentum 2013 – Day .5 Migration and Upgrades: Upgrade to Lower costs and Unleash the Power of EMC Documentum Platform 7.0

Attending the first session with David Mennie, Patrick Walsh and Peggy Ringhousen  – Peggy did a great job last year with the D2 Unveiling last year so I thought I would check this out.  Got some great information and preview of later presentations.
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Documentum – EMC World 2013 – Momentum – Early Predictions

On May 6th through May 9th, EMC World and the smaller component for Documentum/IIG (Momentum) will kick off in Las Vegas again at the Venetian.  TSG has attended all the U.S. Momentum’s since the 1996 inaugural event in Miami.  Once the agenda is published, we like to post our predictions on what attendees will see compared to previous events.  Continue reading

Documentum Upgrades – Handling eSignatures in Documentum 6.6+

Starting in Documentum Content Server 6.6, using the eSignature mechanism uses iText rather than PDF Fusion to create the electronic signature page. Documentum made this move to iText in order to be able to support creating eSignatures when the content server was running on a Unix/Linux environment, which was previously unsupported. Using the eSignature mechanism still requires a TCS (Trusted Content Services) license from EMC.

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