Debugging Documentum Java Method Server (JMS) Code in Eclipse

One of the big challenges with working with Documentum is debugging code that is deployed to the Content Server’s Java Method Server (JMS).  Deploying code updates to the JMS can be tedious because it the JMS is typically on a remote server for developers, and it usually takes a long time to restart when code changes are deployed.  The Java Method Server is also shared by all repositories on the content server, so continuously restarting the server for debugging can impact other repositories.  Logging for the JMS can also be tricky to configure, and log files can be difficult to locate.

This article will describe how to set up remote debugging in Eclipse for code that runs on the Documentum Java Method Server.

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Documentum Webtop 5.3 running on Documentum Content Server 6.x

We stumbled across a pretty vague reference in the cross-product dependency guide for Documentum 6.7 SP1 (on page 245) for Webtop (emphasis ours)

“Note: Documentum Collaborative Services 5.3 DAR is installed with Content Server 6.7 SP1 repository so Webtop 5.3 & 5.3 SPx will work with Content Server 6.7 SP1.   If Documentum Collaborative Services (formerly Documentum Collaborative Edition) 6.7 SP1 DAR is installed with Content Server 6.7 SP1 repository, Webtop 6.7 SP1 is required.” Continue reading

Documentum Client for Outlook (DCO) – A cautionary tale in regards to message formats and object types – comment if you have experience to share.

We have two clients that are struggling with the combination of email formatting as well as the Documentum Client for Outlook (DCO) regarding format and different releases.  TSG doesn’t see a ton of DCO or email implementations so we thought we would share our client’s experiences here.  Please comment if you have any DCO experience to share.

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Documentum Webtop Upgrades 6.5 to 6.7 Considerations

With the support deadlines on the Webtop 6.5 platform being August 31st, 2012, many Documentum users are considering an upgrade to the current 6.7 platform which is supported through April 29th, 2015.  While EMC has released 6.6 and 6.7 as minor releases with very little new functionality, it is worth noting the differences when planning an upgrade.  This post will discuss changes from Webtop 6.5 to 6.7.

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