Alfresco Data List-Driven Value Assistance

Although content modeling in Alfresco is very flexible and configurable, one of the issues that we run into when setting up repositories for clients is the lack of the ability for business users to manage value assistance lists.  Value assistance is a term that we use to describe the lists of options that show up in dropdown and multi-select controls in the user interface on the edit properties and search screens.

This post will describe a module that we’ve developed to utilize the data list functionality available in the Alfresco Share interface to allow business users to manage value assistance lists without any coding, XML configuration, or server restarts.

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Documentum Discontinues Developer Edition – Documentum to Alfresco Migration – Development Environment and Philosophy

With the recent announcement that the Documentum Developer Edition is being discontinued –  Bidding Farewell to Developer Edition, we thought it would be a good time to update our previous post from 2010 in regards to development differences between Documentum and Alfresco. This post will compare and contrast development environments and philosophy with both Alfresco and Documentum.

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Thoughts on the 2012 Alfresco Roadmap

Last month, Alfresco updated the 2012 Product Roadmap on the Alfresco Wiki, providing a rough outline of things to come for Alfresco.  Aside from the core repository and Share interface, cloud and mobile are obviously a huge focus for this year.  The following are some thoughts on some of the more interesting enhancements planned for 2012.  Of course, some of the items may be delayed or shift as the year progress.

Alfresco Chicago User Group Meeting Recap

Technology Services Group held the first Alfresco User Group Meeting last Thursday at out offices. Thanks to those that attended. It was great to see others in the Chicago area that are passionate and excited about the Alfresco platform and the possibilities it provides. The meeting provided a more casual way to interact with fellow Alfrescans, over pizza and beer of course! A special thanks to Jeff Potts for making the trip to help kick things off. Jeff provided a great overview of the Alfresco Community, including the recently announced site,, which just came out of beta. Jeff also demoed various community-developed adding on the Alfresco 4 platform, including the JavaScript Console and Google Map integration.  Look for TSG to add its open source Alfresco offerings to the site this week.

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Chicago Alfresco User Group Meeting – March 1st

Thanks to all the fellow Alfrescans who attended both the Minneapolis and Chicago Lunch and Learns.  Really, the best part of these lunch and learns is the LUNCH!  We get to learn how people are leveraging the platform and share best practices and experiences.   Alfresco 4.0 Enterprise was released on Thursday to much fanfare, and we are just as excited to continuing developing web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions on Alfresco.  Some quick links to some of the case studies and open source offerings on our website:

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