Documentum – Replacing External SharePoint Sites with a Simple Cached Approach

Many clients struggle with providing Documentum access to external users.  Often times, access to “full featured” interfaces like D2 or Webtop can overwhelm simple retrieval of limited content.  This post will discuss a simple solution developed for one of our clients.

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OpenOverlay – OpenSource Alternative for Adding Watermarks and Overlays in Documentum, Alfresco, and others

OpenOverlay has been a core TSG offering since 2007 and while not as visible as some of our other products it is used at many clients and enables key features such as electronic signatures, controlled printing, watermarking, overlay form responses, and letterhead and logo application.  Many clients that use it for real-time dynamic property display of document status, version, print date, author, or any other attribute information. OpenOverlay may be deployed on as part of an ECM system or a separate PDF presentation viewer. TSG has deployed it on Alfresco, Documentum, and portal systems. For Documentum users, OpenOverlay typically replaces the need for PDF Aqua or PDF Stamping Services.

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EMC World – Delta Airlines using Documentum Across a Global Organization

I went to see a fellow Midwest Documentum User Group member, Sandy Shackelford from Delta Airlines, present at 2:00 on Monday at EMC World. She gave a down-to-earth presentation that spoke about ECM at Delta. I personally appreciated that the presentation didn’t try to make their implementations sound slick and fancy. It was an accurate representation of the “down and dirty” work required to support multiple Documentum applications within a company. Much of it is Documentum 101.

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Documentum Site Caching Services and OpenMigrate Comparison

As we have discussed in other articles, some of our best work involves creating a consumer interface for approved content.  Depending on the client’s needs, we can either use Documentum Site Caching Services or our own Open Source product, OpenMigrate.  In describing this solution to a WebPublisher client, the client asked:

“What are the differences between OpenMigrate and Site Caching Services?”

For this post we will try to give an objective review of the two tools as they can be leveraged to perform similar functions.  As an EMC Partner, we have implemented both solutions often.  It is important to understand that OpenMigrate was originally developed to assist clients in high volume migrations associated with initial loads, upgrades (changing platforms) as well as exports.  Site Caching Services was built and is only leveraged for exports associated with Web Publishing.  For this post, we will compare OpenMigrate’s export capabilities to Site Caching Services.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Document Creation and Import

Document creation is a function of every document management system. You have to have a way of getting content into that content management system – otherwise your system isn’t managing much of anything!

 Products and Interfaces

Documentum has numerous products that provide creation and import functionality. Webtop is the most common. But other options include InputAccel, DCM, xCP, MyDocumentum. I’ve seen plenty of others including many custom or home-grown solutions.  The goal of all of these solutions is simplification of the creation process.

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