HPI Search Compared to Webtop and D2

This blog is the first post in a series that will consist of multiple short posts that touch on a number of differences between TSG’s HPI solution and the Webtop and D2 interfaces.  For the first post, we will discuss searching for content. Users of ECM systems are often willing to put up with some of the more complex functionality (i.e. checkin, checkout, workflows), if they can quickly and accurately locate content.  However, if users are unable to easily perform this basic function, you can be sure that they will be quick to loudly voice their concerns and find ways around using the ECM application.

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Documentum and Alfresco – Date and Time Zone Updates for HPI

When working with two clients this past week, the issue of dates and time zone display came up. Dates are stored on the server in the server time zone (UTC, for example) but when the date is displayed through HPI, web browsers display the date according to the local time zone settings set in Windows. In some instances this automatic conversion to local time is helpful and in other instances it causes a lot of confusion.

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Documentum & Alfresco – Periodic Review And Document Obsoletion – TSG Compliance Solution

We are proud to announce that the TSG Compliance Solution now supports Periodic Reviews and Document Obsoletion. Both of these features are important for managing controlled documents, specifically Policies, Procedures and Forms. This post will provide a short explanation of these feature along with interface examples. Last, this post will also discuss ideas for potential future enhancements.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Controlled Documents Application – Post Approval Property Updates

One requirement we are seeing more often for regulated clients is the requirement to update certain properties after a document has been formally approved with electronic signature. Typically, clients consider the document and properties to be one approved entity and would require a property change to go through a complete version and approval cycle. Our clients often need the ability to update a subset of these properties. For example, a document is approved and set to become Effective in 2 weeks, but delivery from a supplier is delayed, so the implementation of the SOP must be delayed another week.  Re-versioning or re-approval should not be required to make this update to the Effective Date property.  This post will discuss options on how to properly build a compliant system that allows for post-approval property updates.

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Integrating Alfresco or Documentum with a Learning Management System (LMS)

When presenting TSG’s HPI based Quality Document Management solution to a regulated industry (Life Sciences, Energy, etc.), we often get asked about training requirements.  The question is typically asked in one of the following ways:

  • Does HPI support Read & Understood Notifications and tracking?
  • Does HPI have Distribution functionality?
  • Can HPI integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

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Documentum – EMC World 2013 – Day 1 – Life Sciences D2 Solutions

This blog post will summarize Documentum’s D2 solutions for the life sciences industry. There was one presentation at 11:30 covering the currently released solutions and one at 2:30 covering the solutions that are upcoming.

Tuesday @ 11:30 – Life Sciences: Compliance, Productivity and Secure Collaboration

Tuesday @ 2:30 – Life Sciences: What’s New & Next – EMC Documentum Life Sciences Solution Suite Roadmap

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Documentum – EMC Momentum 2013 – Day .5 Life Sciences Migration Presentation

Many of our Documentum clients are in the industry where Documentum grew up – life sciences.  We are trying to hit as many of the life sciences presentations as possible to answer their questions on the Life Sciences solutions.  Below is our first post on EMC’s new Migration Tool as it relates to Life Sciences – one of their major announcements during the Tuesday Documentum Keynote :

Monday @ 2:30 –An Assessment and Migration Strategy for the EMC Documentum Life Sciences Solution Suite

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Implementing a Controlled Documentation and Change Control Solution on Alfresco

TSG has been implementing Controlled Documentation systems since the inception of Document Management in the 1990’s. While the solution is tried and true, so many companies still struggle with how to manage their controlled documentation efficiently.  Our most recent implementation focuses on implementing the solution on the Alfresco platform for a fraction of the typical costs.

If you missed the session, recording now available here.

You can learn more by attending a webinar TSG is co-hosting with Alfresco.

Date: January 31st, 1:00 pm Eastern Time (Session has been conducted)

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