HPI and OpenContent 2.1 Released as Open Source


Just a quick announcement – HPI 2.1 has been released as Open Source on the TSG downloads page.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  As an added update, a number of our Alfresco clients merged in significant updates for Alfresco after we tagged the 2.1 code branch.  So, for anyone using Alfresco, a 2.2 beta release is on our downloads page.

If you would like to learn more about HPI, check out our website and Learning Zone using the links below.

There are many more demos on the TSG Learning Zone, so be sure to check them out!

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Documentum PDF Annotation Services – End of Life – Options going forward

Last week we had a customer contact us regarding an alert that PDF Annotation Services (PAS) was moving to an “End of Life” schedule.  From the discussion, it seems that PAS uses some components from Adobe that are out of support and Documentum does not have a replacement.  This post will discuss TSG’s thoughts on PAS as well as consider different alternatives.

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TSG Learning Zone Updated with HPI 2.1 Demos!

We have updated the TSG Learning Zone with videos showing off the latest HPI 2.1 release.  Click here to access the Learning Zone.  Be sure to view the following short (1-3 minute) videos to see the major functionality the HPI provides.  See the list below for links to the individual demos, as well as a 1 hour recording of the Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 webinar:

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Documentum and Alfresco BPM – Activiti and Active Wizard 5.0

As you may know, the latest generation Active Wizard codebase utilizes the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) Platform to provide dynamic workflow for Active Wizard forms and controlled documents.  We started down the path of using Activiti in 2012 when we ported the Active Wizard to Alfresco.  You can read more about our initial thoughts of using Activiti for Active Wizard in this post from November 2012.  For this post, we thought we’d update our readers on the 2013 developments of Activiti with Active Wizard 5.0 as well as our future plans.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Create and Edit MS Word Documents Directly in HPI – TSG Labs

Before we get started, we’d like to introduce a new category on the blog – TSG Labs.  We’re planning on using it to introduce experimental and upcoming features of our products in order to get feedback from our readers and clients.  In this inaugural installment, we take a look at how we could skip the step of creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word, remove the need for any plugins to download and import documents, and streamline the entire process by creating and editing documents directly within HPI. Continue reading

Activiti BPM Engine – Active Wizard 5.0

As mentioned in our previous post about managing controlled documents in Alfresco, Active Wizard 5.0 utilizes the Activiti BPM platform for dynamic workflow processes.  If you’re curious about how dynamic workflow works in the Active Wizard, check out this post from earlier this year, which we wrote after we had posted our initial thoughts about Activiti.  In this post, we will review how Dynamic workflow has worked in the Active Wizard in the past, and contrast that to how we’re using Activiti in Active Wizard 5.0.

If you’re interested in a live demo of Active Wizard 5.0, check out the following screencams in the TSG Learning Zone:

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Migrating from Documentum to Alfresco – Controlled Documents – Introducing Active Wizard 5.0

TSG has over 15 years experience building systems to manage controlled documents.  Most of these systems have been built on top of Documentum for clients in various industries including Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Energy, Manufacturing and others.  When talking to these clients about their thoughts on moving from Documentum to Alfresco, the inevitable conversation comes up: “How do we manage our controlled documents?”

One of our products, Active Wizard, is an electronic forms and workflow product that is well suited for controlled document systems.  With the help of a TSG client in the pharmaceutical industry, version 5.0 of Active Wizard will support both Alfresco and Documentum repositories.

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Documentum xPlore Deployment – Lessons Learned from Pharma Implementaion

We’re working with a large Pharmaceutical company to install Documentum xPlore as a replacement for FAST.  We’ve just finished the QA environment deployment, and we’re planning for the Production deployment in mid-April.  For this post, we are going to discuss the cutover strategy as well as some lessons learned from the project.

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Alfresco or Documentum – Dynamic Workflow in Active Wizard

We’ve recently completed our initial effort that successfully implemented the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow with the Activiti workflow engine embedded in Alfresco 4.0.  The Active Wizard has supported Documentum workflow since 2002.  For this new effort, we re-examined some of the fundamental concepts behind the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow.   This post will overview those concepts, and how the Active Wizard’s dynamic workflow is different than a typical “dynamic” workflow template.  One best practice we have seen at multiple clients is to leverage forms AND workflow.  Especially in the case of controlled document processes, a form needs to be created along with one or more attached documents to explain to the user what they are approving.  In this post, we will discuss the use of forms for dynamic workflow.

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