Do More with Your Alfresco Deployment with HPI – Configuring Search

One of the first questions for any Alfresco implementation is: “how will users search and access documents?”.   As longtime readers of the TSG blog will know, we typically recommend against the user “I just was a Google Search” approach.  Most of our clients want to target certain document types/scenarios and search on key attributes to find content.  This post will discuss how TSG’s High Performance Interface (HPI) gives clients an easy way to configure powerful searches against documents that utilize custom types and attributes.

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Documentum or Alfresco – HPI 2.3 Now Available for TSG Clients

TSG is happy to announce that the HPI 2.3 release is now available to TSG clients on Documentum or Alfresco.  The 2.3 release includes many new features driven by TSG client projects.  This post will describe the significant updates (with Video) including Redaction, Cloud Link Ingestion, Cloud Attachment Send and Periodic Review.

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Workshare Compare – available in HPI for Documentum, Alfresco and Hadoop

Comparing documents for differences is a common request with our Compliance clients as well as Legal and other customers.  Based on success at one of our clients, TSG has integrated industry leader Workshare Compare with OpenContent to provide document comparison capabilities for HPI or custom built applications on Documentum, Alfresco or Hadoop.  This post will present the integration along with a screencam of the beta implementation for HPI.

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HTML5 Forms – Introducing Active Wizard’s Next-Generation Interface

TSG is happy to announce our next-generation Active Form 5.1 module in Active Wizard, which uses HTML5!  Active Form is the module in Active Wizard that allows users to fill out forms utilizing an easy to use “Turbo Tax” approach to complicated forms.  In Active Form 4.0, we used Adobe Flash as the primary interface GUI.  While this was a great approach in 2009, Adobe Flash caused Active Form to behave in a less than ideal manner on mobile devices (Android) or in some cases, not at all (iOS).  With this next iteration, we rely on the power of HTML5 to continue to provide a clean, easy to use interface that retains all of the benefits of the older module, while also allowing users to fill out forms on a mobile device.

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Documentum or Alfresco – Simple Workflow in HPI

As discussed in previous posts related to our Active Wizard product here, here, and here, TSG has always preferred a form-driven dynamic workflow for document review and approval.  This is especially true for our regulated clients (ex: Pharma, Energy) that utilize TSG’s Compliance Solution.  However, we’re seeing more and more clients outside our regulated industries that want to enable workflow using a template approach without needing a form to drive the workflow process.  For these clients, TSG is happy to announce the Simple Workflow module in HPI.

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OpenCapture Wins Dynamsoft’s SDK Innovation Contest


Just a quick announcement – Dynamsoft announced today that OpenCapture has won the Grand Prize in their SDK Innovation contest!  @Dynamsoft tweeted:

We’re thrilled to win this award!  OpenCapture is the desktop scanning module within HPI that makes it easy for users to scan paper documents into an ECM repository.  Check out the demo video embedded above or in the TSG Learning Zone and let us know your thoughts in the comments!