Parexel to Buy Documentum from EMC – Rumor Mill

One of our clients attending the Regulatory Information Management Conference heard that Parexel is looking to buy Documentum.  This comes after the announcement that EMC is looking to sell it prior to the Dell merger.  While it is a rumor at this point so not going into a long post – Parexel is a major player in life sciences drug development services business.  Quick take:

  • Would be a plus for Life Sciences companies looking for more from their existing Documentum as well as the life sciences practice/products/services of Documentum.
  • Would be a minus for all other industries – (financial, utilities, retail…..) that Parexel isn’t interested in.

It is just a rumor so nothing more – add your thoughts below.

Beyond Excited for Momentum 2016? EMC World Vegas

Next week TSG will attend our 20th Momentum/Documentum conference #MMTM16.  With the news that EMC is looking to sell off Documentum, this promises to be one of the most different/interesting conferences.  If you are attending, drop us a line at and we can connect in the lounge as we are always looking for thoughts on the blog.

In looking over the Enterprise Content Division YouTube channel for preparation, we stumbled on this “beyond excited” campaign.  To help the channel get some more clicks, we thought we would post the videos here with some quick snarky thoughts.

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EMC/Documentum – First Quarter 2016 Earnings

With the recent news that EMC is shopping Documentum in preparation for the Dell purchase of EMC, we have had lots of activity including the post on Monday regarding our thoughts about the what would happen to Documentum after the sale.  EMC announced earnings this morning which includes the ECD (Enterprise Content Division), the division that includes Documentum.  This post will discuss our thoughts on the earnings announcement.

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Documentum after the EMC fire sale – it’s all about the brand

With the recent announcement by Bloomberg about EMC shopping Documentum as well as EMC World/Momentum just two weeks away, many clients have been asking us about our thoughts on the impending sale of Documentum.  Unlike the original purchase of Documentum by EMC in 2003, this sale is more of a fire sale as Dell/EMC are looking to sell off non-core assets for cash to reduce the massive amount of debt required for the EMC purchase.  This post will address:

  • Our thoughts on the current state of Documentum including revenues, technology, and value of the Brand
  • Which companies may buy Documentum
  • Our thoughts on what it means to current Documentum customers.

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EMC said planning to sell Documentum Business Amid Dell Deal – (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg reported yesterday that EMC is seeking to sell Documentum.  As we have been reporting here when the Dell deal was initially announced, as well as when Dell announced the sale of their information-technology services business to NTT Data Corp (formerly Perot Services), we have predicted that Dell will look to sell off non-strategic components to reduce the debt burden.  Bloomberg surmises that “a private equity firm will probably acquire it, though a sale won’t happen quickly”.  Full article avaialble at

Good video from MSN here –