Alfresco – Amazon Web Services or On-Premise?

One of our clients is replacing IBM/FileNet with Alfresco.  As this will be a new Alfresco installation, the client is considering building out an Alfresco infrastructure within one of their data centers or within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  This post will share our analysis of the pros and cons of both approaches.

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TSG’s Top 10 list from the NIRMA 2015 Nuclear Records Conference

This week TSG again attended the annual NIRMA conference in Las Vegas to both exhibit and co-present with one of our long-term nuclear clients. If you are not familiar with NIRMA it is the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association. This organization provides guidance in regards to paper and electronic records programs, compliance, and technologies to commercial, utility, and government agencies.  TSG solutions are at multiple nuclear clients.  This post will highlight our thoughts of the conference.

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Documentum or Alfresco – TSG Government Solution

In the past few years TSG has added several government clients to our solution portfolio. Building on this work we have developed a Government Solution focusing on the case management strengths of HPI and the document review and approval capability of Active Wizard.  This post will present our plan for our Government Solutions posts. Continue reading

Alfresco Records Management – An Example of Automatic Record Filing

In this post we will continue the discussion of in-place record declaration by automatically filing a record using Alfresco RM. This post illustrates how an HR document can be automatically filed in the File Plan using Alfresco Rules.

Once the user declares a document as a record, the document will be automatically linked to the Records Management Share site’s Unfiled Records folder. Once it is linked to the folder, the rules for auto-filing  will evaluate the document. In general, the processing of the record could be partially or fully automated depending on the Records Manager’s requirements.

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Alfresco Records Management – Using Rules to Make Records Filing Easy for Users

In a previous blog post we wrote about a common enhancement we often make to ECM systems to automatically file documents based on metadata values. Without development work, performing this same function in a DoD 5015.2 compliant records management system was difficult. However, with the release of version 2.2 of Alfresco’s Records Management module, highlighted at Summit London 2014, the same concept can be extended to automatically file records.  This post will describe how to take the guess work out of filing and instead use Alfresco Rules to make it easy for users to declare and file records. Continue reading

Documentum or Alfresco – Engineering Document Transmittals

Controlling the formal release of project, sales, and engineering documents to customers and clients is often done with transmittal letters. The transmittal serves as a record describing the sender, the recipient, and any special instructions or information related to the included documents. Before the controlled release of a transmittal, the letter and included documents are reviewed and approved by an authority before being sent via email, FTP server, or posted to an extranet or cloud-based system. The need for controlling the review, and recording the approval of the transmittal fits well with Active Wizard’s controlled document solution paradigm. This article will focus on using Active Wizard’s document review and approval workflow to semi-automate the creation of a transmittal letter and distribute it via the cloud. Continue reading

Documentum – Leveraging an existing ECM System to Manage Records

In a post back in January, we described implementing a simple Records Management solution. Often times we have seen clients struggle with the large footprint of the Documentum Retention Policy Services (RPS), Records Manager (RM), and Physical Records Manager (PRM) products, and a limited budget to implement a records management solution. This post describes how several RM features have been implemented using minimally modified out-of-the-box ECM functionality. Continue reading

ImageWare from Cannon – Migration to Alfresco in the Cloud

As summarized in our series of migration posts, many of our clients are moving to Alfresco from legacy ECM solutions. For one of our current clients, we are moving from an onsite Canon ImageWare solution to Alfresco hosted within the Amazon Cloud.  This post will share our experience migrating from ImageWare to Alfresco and include some specifics in regards to technical migration nuances. Continue reading

Documentum Records Management Simplified – Retention, Disposition, and Holds

When first starting a records management (RM) program it can seem daunting and insurmountable, but once the decision is made to not keep everything forever the real work begins. At its most basic, there are three activities in an RM program: retention, disposition, and holds. This post will present a solution approach that leverages minor customizations and out-of-the-box (OOTB) capabilities to satisfy most electronic and physical records management requirements.

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