Documentum, SharePoint, OpenSearch and cross-repository searching

Because clients often leverage SharePoint as their company Intranet, many consider configuring SharePoint as a search portal for external repositories. This approach allows users to use one central interface for searching and retrieving content.  While Documentum provides the MyDocumentum for SharePoint product to provide search access to Documentum, we are seeing more clients wanting a combined search of both Documentum and SharePoint content. This post will discuss the various alternatives as well as present a hybrid open source solution based on our experience.

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4 Reasons SharePoint Implementations Fail


A well implemented SharePoint environment can be a major asset to an organization.

  • Departments and teams can collaborate easily without filling their email quota sending files back and forth.
  • Business processes can be automated and managers can easily measure and track records and business performance.
  • Users can quickly find and filter relevant information.

Unfortunately, a poorly implemented SharePoint environment can cause even more harm than good.

  • The number of SharePoint repositories and information types can grow rapidly, creating silos and numerous versions of the same or related content.
  • Searching can be a major headache, forcing users to wade through pages of outdated documents or ten different versions of a document
  • Finding the “right” place to store and information can be futile due to the site hierarchy not meeting access needs across groups or containing numerous places that seem like the best place to contribute content.

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