EMC World 2016 – Momentum – What’s on the Horizon for Project Horizon (Leap): New Apps and Services

Finished off the first day with a presentation on the Vision and Roadmap for Leap.  See last year’s post in regards to Project Horizon.  Leap is the new name for Project Horizon.

Leap is not a replacement for other products (D2, xCP, Webtop) but more of a complimentary add on.  ECD was pushing the theme “Leap – Better Together” to show how leap can add to the rest of the Documentum stack.

Project Horizon/Leap is built on the EMC architecture that includes Cloud Foundry, Pivotal as well as hosting with the EMC Cloud as a Software as a Service (SAAS) application as a public cloud option only.  From the demonstrations (all done live), ECD has put the effort into building out the first two applications with good starts on all five that include:

  • Courier – Content Exchange without the Chaos
  • Snap – Enterprise-class capture made for everyone
  • Concert – Collaborative document authoring with Control
  • Express – Anywhere, anytime access to your content
  • Focus – Document reader designed for mobile

Focus of the presentation was on the Concert, Express and Focus tools.

Leap Concert

A collaborative app to co-author business documents in a highly efficient but controlled fashion.    Update from Jazz initiative and becoming a product.  Available for customers 2nd half of the year.

Trying to address controlled collaboration.

Demo (RFP request for proposal)

  • A document authoring interface (very google docs like)
  • Sections on the document (including new sections)– assign to users (review)
  • Notification that you have been invited
  • Won’t be able to modify (or potentially see) sections not assigned to you.
  • Can work on section and can send for review
  • Ability to see old version and new version (TSG note – would love to see a compare when released)
  • Can see changes on different versions and sections.

Feedback from the group thought clinical documents could be essential, Please Review was mentioned as a comparison.

From the demos, would have to say significantly better than the old Virtual Document approach.  Clean interface, interesting approach.

What makes concert different?  (from Google Docs)

  • Flexible Collaboration
    • Easy assign sections of the document different people to work on
    • Review workflow streamlines collaboration
    • Rich formatting capabilities
  • Content Preparation
    • Control “write” access by sections
    • Control “read” access by section
    • Document history keeps track of all changes.
  • Easy Status Tracking
    • Built-in analytics insights into document status
    • Advanced notifications help engage document collaborators
    • Mobile companion apps make collaboration possible on-the-go

Formatting isn’t Word level but viewed as “Good enough” – can use Word later.  Product is entering Beta soon – looking for feedback.

Leap Focus – Document reader designed for mobile application

Reading documents on mobile.

Presents as a document.  Can go and find what want to read.  Reviewers can just look into comments of individuals.

Most of the demos focused on moving from page view (zoom/expand) to more of a native approach.

Fully native IOS application – does not support Android.

Leap Express – A lightweight app to quickly access, review and approve all your content, no matter where it lives (available 2nd half of year)

Talks to D2.  Can see task list.  Can approve or reject with comments.

Will integrate in with Documentum and other repositories.

Leap Platform – All leap apps are based on a common layer of content services

  • Multitenant cloud native platform
  • Modular, microservice architecture
  • REST API’s
  • Designed to be repository agnostic
  • Consumer grade UI’s
  • Self-signup with instant subscription provisioning
  • Simple admin app to manage your subscriptions
  • Built in usage analytics

As a public cloud solution, constantly roll out upgrades.  Will allow anyone to subscribe.

Multi-tenant architecture – virtually isolate all subscriptions from others.

First moving away from big proprietary stacks – modular micro services.

Rich Services

  • Content Management
  • User Authentication
  • Content Transformation
  • Enterprise Search
  • Workflow Processes
  • Audit Trail
  • Information rights management
  • Enteprrise key management
  • Distributed capture
  • Controlled document exchange
  • Enterprise collaborative authoring
  • Team Collaboration


Leap is pursuing areas not currently addressed by the Documentum or InfoArchive stacks with a consumer based cloud approach.  Interfaces are consistent with other consumer applications if not slightly cleaner.  While it is not a replacement for the full-featured interfaces, key to success will be pricing and client adoption.  Pricing thrown out has been per user/per month but would expect that to formalize over the next 6 months.  As a SaaS solution, like Box or Dropbox, demos and discussions have focused on the interface and capabilities and not the underlying components and technologies.

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