TSG Labs: Mobile Capture for Documentum, Alfresco and Hadoop

In this installment of TSG Labs, we wanted to demonstrate one of our new tools around mobile capture.  One of our clients utilized the application as part of an internal hackathon, and it was very well received.  Some key points about the application:

  • We decided on a browser-based HTML5 application over a native app.  We like using HTML5 for a number of reasons:
    • HTML5 applications are inherently cross-device compatible and can be easily made to work across different mobile browsers.  There’s no need to worry about Android vs. iOS or Chrome vs. Safari.
    • No need to worry about putting an application in a the App Store, Google Play, or sideloading.
    • When we want to make updates, we simply update the HTML5 application and the updates are immediately available to all users.  With an app, users would be required to update it on each device.
  • While the video below focuses on capturing images to the ECM repository, we could easily select from other types of files as well (PDF, Office, etc.).

Here’s the application in action – let us know what you think!