Alfresco Claims Processing – Product Roadmap and Future Vision

Last week, TSG conducted a product briefing for some select clients.  One of our large Alfresco claim processing clients, currently leveraging the TSG Policy and Claim solution for Alfresco, Documentum or Hadoop, was an active participant and brainstormed on their current and future needs.  This post will highlight those conversations and vision as well as discuss how the TSG solution is evolving to provide a more complete, and well documented, Alfresco claims processing solution.

Alfresco Claims Processing – Version 1

Too often, clients look at Alfresco and limit their claims processing design to what Alfresco Share provides and don’t achieve the level of automation and ease of use so important for claims processing.  The TSG Policy and Claim solution leverages our HPI product and other products to provide a more complete and intuitive interface.

To see our initial version of claims processing, a video is provided in the Policy and Claim Solution  overview page.  Key components of this initial approach that are not always easily available in Alfresco Share include:

  • Links to existing Policy/Claim systems – Clients will always want to manage the data associated with a claim outside of the documents. A key component is being able to easily extend the claim data based system with documents.  See related post here.
  • Inherited Attributes – Placing a document in a claim folder automatically inherits the properties of the folder. (ex: Claim Number)
  • Add documents – Ability to quickly add multiple documents as well as add emails with attachments to a claim.
  • Add properties – in either a normal property mode or our new “heads-up” indexing mode that can capture values in the document for property values.
  • Automatically ingest cloud content – For large or sensitive claim files, many times users receive emails with links to documents on cloud services rather than large attachments.  Clients have added the ability to automatically ingest the document from the cloud service when the email is added. 
  • View/Annotate documents – Being able to view documents as well as annotate in a claim.
  • Email documents – By emailing from the system, an audit trail can be maintained in the system rather than looking through users sent email.
  • Combine documents – Often times, users want to send out a combined PDF or a zip file from the claim folder.
  • Related Claims and Policy – Being able quickly navigate to related claims or policies is a key requirement for many clients.
  • Search – Ability to create a configured search from either claim or policy quickly and easily.
  • Claim Notes and Audit Trail – Ability to put in notes and have a complete audit trail.
  • Notifications – The ability to notify a co-worker to the claim.
  • Capture and mail room automation – Via web-based scanning or Ephesoft integration.

Alfresco Claims Processing – Version 2 – Dynamic Documents

One of the newer processes being added for our client surrounds Branch Letters.  Similar to our Contract Management solution, creating, approving and sending a standard Branch Letter about the claim requires the ability to have data as well as an interview drive the creation of documents.  This feature will include:

  • The TSG Active Wizard product for the form to capture data as well as route and approve the letter.
  • HotDocs integration to create the letter from data captured in the Active Wizard form.
  • Email or DocuSign can be used from within the claim to send the letter. We have also included the ability to send documents securely via Citrix ShareFile. (video on ShareFile coming soon)

Alfresco Claims Processing – Version 2 – Mailroom automation –  Scanning and Splitting

One very interesting feature being added by another Alfresco insurance client is the ability to leverage leading edge scanners.  Look for a post on this later that highlights the ability to automate the letter opening and scanning of envelop contents.  Some key features:

  • Ability of the scanner to open and scan envelop contents
  • Ability of the solution to split the scanned large document into separate documents in the claim
  • The ability of the TSG solution to relate these documents together as having arrived in a single envelope.

Alfresco Claims Processing – Futures

Futures we discussed during the product briefing included:

  • Additional Video Features – We currently provide the ability to store (and transform) video within the claim file. With the proliferation of security videos and other video sources, futures include the ability to store and relate different videos, annotate videos as well as provide for “snippet” of the video.  Similar to our Combine Document feature, we see a need to be able to combine snippets from different portions of a video as well as annotate within a video.
  • Phone Integration – the ability to capture (and potentially transcribe) a recorded phone call, whether that be a voice mail or conversation (certain rules apply when recording conversations) to include in the claim folder.
  • Continued Mobile – Additional integration with mobile devices. Currently the solution can be accessed from a tablet but not all functions are small screen friendly.  Will be including additional features as the mobile environments and requirements continue to change.

If you have any thoughts in regards to items you would like to see in the solution, please comment below.