TSG’s Top 10 list from the NIRMA 2015 Nuclear Records Conference

This week TSG again attended the annual NIRMA conference in Las Vegas to both exhibit and co-present with one of our long-term nuclear clients. If you are not familiar with NIRMA it is the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association. This organization provides guidance in regards to paper and electronic records programs, compliance, and technologies to commercial, utility, and government agencies.  TSG solutions are at multiple nuclear clients.  This post will highlight our thoughts of the conference.

This is TSG’s second year exhibiting at NIRMA and we have enjoyed the association’s hospitality and the great conversations had with fellow attendees and exhibitors. If you aren’t familiar with SOP management for nuclear, check our screencam in the LearningZone. We’re already talking about coming back for NIRMA’s 40th anniversary year in 2016 and perhaps our top 10 list, in no particular order, will inspire you to join us!

1. Sunday night’s fabulous networking at the pool over a few drinks with fellow information professionals who were passionately discussing records management, technology, and information governance.  (we may be just a little biased since we sponsored the event)


2. Attending the “PEOPLE’s Electronic Signature Court” session where electronic signature “cases” were ruled on and eSignature myths debunked.  The passionate discussion among the “court” on the stage (Bill Clover, Eugene Yang and Steve Matson) and the actual lawyer and judge in the audience made for a lively educational and entertaining event! The key take away is electronic signatures come in all shapes and sizes and are not as complicated as we may think.

3. The opportunity to co-present with Bill Clover and Barb Boone from Exelon Nuclear on the industry leading work they’ve done to implement auto-indexing and paperless processes for controlled documents, training records, drawings, and electronic work packages.  Exelon is one of our most successful Active Wizard as well as HPI  customers on Documentum.

4. Unveiling TSG’s “Nuclear. Well Documented.” branding!

TSGlogo Well Documented

5. Learning more about the hard work and future plans for nuclear power in Japan in keynote “Post Fukushima Accident” presented by Chairman Mr. Sadamaro Yamishita of Nippon Records Management Co., Ltd. We wish him the best as he establishes a Japan-NIRMA organization.

6. Hearing from Waco Bankston of South Texas Project (STP) about how he turned around the brand  and service level of STP’s IT department changing the culture from a “No, but…” to a “Yes, and…” organization resulting in increased morale and promised delivery of IT solutions.

7. Discussing both practical and wildly radical ideas for the next generation of electronic records management with both current and hopefully future clients!

8. Congratulations to Jill Griffen at Areva who won the Amazon gift card from TSG!  Tuesday evening each exhibitor raffled off a prize. There were many great giveaways handed out including amazon gift cards, fit bits, kindles, go-pros, certificates for free training sessions, and much, much more.

9. Catching up with an old friend from AIIM and discussing the future of Hadoop for information governance and records management. An open source document and records management solution built on Hadoop may be the disruptor many thought SharePoint would be. See more in our recent blog posts.

10. Meeting up with our fellow partner and vendor, Roger Lall from Adlib.  Adlib provides some great products and, where possible, we use these within our Documentum, Alfresco and Hadoop practices.  It was interesting finding out more about Adlib expanding their services into auto-classification and auto-categorization of content.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on NIRMA 2015. Leave comments below!