HPI Dashboard Updated for Version 2.4

The HPI Dashboard has been revamped for the 2.4 release.  Check out the video below to see it in action!  Along with a look and feel facelift, we have added drag and drop capabilities into the dashboard as well.  Dashlets can also be restricted to group membership.  This allows, for example, only Active Wizard users to see the “My Forms” dashlet.

For readers unfamiliar with the HPI dashboard capabilities, there are five main dashlet types:

  • Inbox – displays the list of tasks that the user owns.
  • Workflow Reporting – displays the list of workflows that the user has started in the system, as well as a reporting tab that shows the number of outstanding workflows in the system over a certain time period.
  • Saved Search – runs a configurable search and display results to the user.  In the demo above, we have a “My Forms” search configured.  This dashlet is configured to show all of the Active Wizard forms in the system that the user owns that are not in the Cancelled or Closed lifecycle state.  Another common saved search dashlet that clients configure is a “My Documents” dashlet.
  • Recent Objects – displays a configurable number of recent objects that user has viewed in HPI.  In the demo above, this is configured as Recent Folders and displays the 5 most recent folders the user has entered in the system.
  • Custom – some clients have us create custom dashlets that perform functionality specific to their business process.  HPI’s dashboard architecture makes it easy for us to add custom dashlets as needed by our clients.

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