Documentum or Alfresco – HPI 2.3 Now Available for TSG Clients

TSG is happy to announce that the HPI 2.3 release is now available to TSG clients on Documentum or Alfresco.  The 2.3 release includes many new features driven by TSG client projects.  This post will describe the significant updates (with Video) including Redaction, Cloud Link Ingestion, Cloud Attachment Send and Periodic Review.

Redact Content

With more and more concern about security and personal information, clients often have documents stored in the repository that contain sensitive information not everyone in the organization should see.   While the majority of the document might be required to be readable as part of the business process, bank account information, Social Security Number or other information (ex: HIPPA) contained in a document might need to be protected from certain users.  In these cases, the content should be redacted from the document.  HPI with OpenRedact provides the ability to either permanently redact portions of the document for all users, or only provide a redacted document based on a users role.  In this way, limited users can still see the un-redacted content while sensitive information can be protected.  For example, check’s bank account information might be redacted for the majority of users, but users in Accounting will be able to see the unredacted copy of the check.  For additional information, see our earlier post and view a short demo below:

Cloud Link Ingestion

HPI has always provide a great way to drag and drop emails with attachments into the repository.  With HPI 2.3, we now provide the ability to handle cloud based links in the same manner.  When dragging an Email MSG into HPI, we will now look for cloud links attached to the email.  See this post as well as this video for further description of how this works:

For HPI 2.3, we support three cloud services – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.  Additional cloud services can be added as requested by clients.

Cloud Attachment Send

Related to the previous item, which deals with retrieving attachments from the cloud, this item allows users to send email attachments in the cloud.  For example, say you want to send an email from HPI, but you have one of the following issues:

  1. The file you want to send is too large to attach to an email (ex: a large video file)
  2. You want to see when the user accesses the file
  3. You want to remove access to the file at some point in the future

In all of the above cases, attaching the file to an email will not work.  The solution allows HPI to attach the email in the cloud and place a link in the email.  We currently support Citrix ShareFile as a cloud service, but others can be added upon request.

TSG Compliance Solution – Periodic Review and Obsolete

Periodic Review and Obsolete Document processes were added to the Compliance Solution in the HPI 2.3 release.  Read about how this works in this post and view short demos below.

Document Viewer Configuration

This update gives administrators the ability to view documents of different types in different viewers within HPI.  Additionally, this can be configured per HPI trac.  The available viewers are:

  • PDF.js – View PDFs in a dedicated HTML5 PDF viewer
  • Video.js – View media formats such as video and audio
  • Image Viewer – When images are loaded into the stage, this viewer scales the image to fit the current browser window.  Additionally, clicking the image will display it in it’s full resolution.
  • Stream – Stream the file to the browser and allow the browser to handle it in it’s default viewer
  • Download – Tells HPI to simply give the user a download link.  This ‘viewer’ is helpful for formats that are not otherwise viewable with any of the above formats.

The above viewers are configurable as on or off in the HPI admin.  So, for example, if you want your users to view PDFs in the browser’s standard viewer (ex: Adobe for Internet Explorer), then the PDF.js viewer can be disabled for your trac.  In this manner, PDFs will “fall through” to the Stream viewer.

PDF.js Example


Video.js Example


There were many other smaller enhancements that went into the HPI 2.3 release, too many to mention here.  TSG thanks all of our clients that have added to the HPI 2.3 (code name Ancho) release as well as prior releases!  We look forward to the HPI 2.4 release (code name Rocotillo) sometime later this year and thank all of the clients currently adding to 2.4.