Alfresco 5 – TSG Products and Solutions Now Available

Since the release of Alfresco 5.0, TSG has been working to validate our products and solutions on the latest 5.x version (as of this post, Alfresco Enterprise We are proud to announce our product offerings that are now Alfresco 5 compatible. Continue reading for the details.

Products validated on Alfresco 5 include:

The following TSG solutions are also compatible with Alfresco 5:

We look to continue to improve our products and solutions, taking full advantage of Alfresco 5’s improved API with Solr 4, faceted search, and the latest version of Activiti workflow.

2 thoughts on “Alfresco 5 – TSG Products and Solutions Now Available

  1. Hi,

    Just tried to start up OpenContent with the aim of trying out OpenAnnotate on a new installation of Alfresco 5 enterprise ( I think) and the component seems to be missing a number of of dependencies around the Apahce cxf ws libraries. These libraries are not shipped with Alfresco 5 but were shipped with Alfresco 4 (as a patched 2.2.2 version)

    The OpenContent link from your downloads page, seems to indicate that it is in a beta phase, can you indicate when a version with the required libraries might be available



    • Steven,

      Thanks for your interest in our products. Our products and solutions are available for Alfresco 5 on the latest and greatest codebase, which is only available to TSG clients at this time. Our Open Source downloads typically run a release or two behind what’s available to our clients, so that’s why you’re seeing the CXF issue with Alfresco 5. The latest OpenContent codebase does not rely on Apache CXF at all.

      If you’re interested in partnering with TSG to get the latest OpenContent and OpenAnnotate running on Alfresco 5, drop us a note here:

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